Black Friday Sales and Deals

Black Friday Sales and Deals

Okie Dokie, so Black Friday has landed upon these fair shores and it is time to hunt out a bargain. Please do read my Thrifty Guide to Black Friday and Cyber Monday in the UK post, for lots of tips and tricks for saving extra money and also to prevent any nasty little mistakes. Always remember, if you don’t need it, don’t buy it – this goes for today, this weekend, Monday and every other day of the year.

What I’ve picked up

1. Babyliss Ombre Set Hairdryer was £49.99 now £19.99 here
I am in desperate need of a new hairdryer after mine frizzled out and died a few weeks back. This has already been added to my basket!
2. Converse All Stars in pink
My everyday footwear of choice, I always make sure to pick up a pair when they are on offer. I just spotted Very have 20% off all Converse meaning I picked up this pair for £36.00 down from £45.00, you can check this deal out here.
3. Dolce Gusto Mini Me was £99.99 now £39.99 in store at Sainsbury’s
The perfect gift for my friend’s wedding in a few weeks.
4. Julia Donaldson Story Collection, 10 books £10.00 down from £65.90 here
I picked this set up for my friend’s little boy’s birthday which is coming up in January.
5. Yankee Candle Fireside Treats Large Jar was £19.99 now £14.99 here  – My friend actually asked me to pick this up for her if I saw it drop below £18. I don’t think it is a particularly great deal to be honest but who am I to argue with a pregnant woman who has lost her debit card?
6. Sopranos Series 1 – 6 Complete DVD boxset was £129.99 now £39.99 here  – It’s a gift, innit.
7. Pendant light was £120 now £60 here

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This has been on my wish list for our house for a good few months, so I am thrilled to buy it half price!
I’m really pleased with my deals. I’ve ticked off 7 things from a list of 8 – the other item was a condenser dryer but I’ve yet to find a deal on the specific model I want, so I will be holding onto my money until the next sale. Please remember just because I’ve bought something this doesn’t mean you have splash the cash too. The items I bought were things I either needed or had wanted for a while. I put the cash aside to buy these items, it obviously isn’t wise to go wading into big sales events if you haven’t planned what you need or actually have the money to spend! A few of you have asked me to share some specific deals or codes for things you’re hoping to buy, so here are some of the best I have found.