Best 5 Strains For Mood Disorder

Best 5 Strains For Mood Disorder

Ebullient moods are not always a guarantee considering the factors on the table. They include; hormonal imbalance, life’s inevitable circumstances, irregular sleep patterns, and so on. On the bright side, there are ways to ensure that your moods are intact even in the worst of situations. CBD has been on the winning side as far as moods are concerned.

It has showcased its vibrant mood-enhancing properties times without number. CBD occurs in different strains, which play various roles in the improvement of our health. Here are five of the best strains for a mood disorder.

  • Ringo’s Gift

When picking a CBD strain for mood enhancement and other health issues, one factor is THC content levels. Ringo’s Gift is not as rich in THC, making it a go-to for anyone battling mood swings.

Consumers are drawn to Ringo’s Gift strain due to its unique earthy flavor. Its approach in handling mood disorders is worth a try since it nips the problem in the bud.

When consumed, it comes to contact with the key receptors which are linked to the brain. Aside from uplifting moods, Ringo’s Gift has numerous other health benefits, such as facilitating total concentration.

It also assures the user of utmost relaxation even amid a chaotic day or moment. Most CBD strains prefer to acquire it online because of the vast array of genuine suppliers that have made a name for themselves.

What’s more, there’s so much to learn about Ringo’s Gift that no one would pass the opportunity. Local Cannabis shops might have something genuine for interested buyers to pick up. The Ringo’s Gift strain is also a good choice for anyone battling the terrible effects of anxiety.

  • ACDC

This is one of the most flexible CBD strains that keep consumers on their toes. Moreover, ACDC is widely preferred by a significant percentage of CBD due to its easy accessibility. There are credible and certified vendors that only supply genuine ACDC CBD strains. Mood swings mostly come about due to stressful conditions and pressures from every side.

It is a requirement for anyone facing the pressures of tight deadlines and is clueless about handling it. ACDC contains terpenes that play significant roles, such as helping the user relax despite the present situation.

Its minimal THC content is yet another winning property that makes it more reliable than ever. The ratio of CBD to THC in the ACDC strain is said to be 20:1, which is highly beneficial to those in need of its magical sparks. Feelings of unease and pain are also significant causes of low moods. ACDC strain tackles migraines, causing a wave of calm throughout the body. The beauty of choosing CBD products for such situations is that there is a wide variety of strains and forms to choose from.

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Some CBD fans prefer CBDfx for various reasons but wouldn’t mind giving other strains a try.

  • Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web is more inclined towards the medical field than the recreational path that most of its counterparts are leaning towards. The strain in question was nameless, so to speak, until the recent breakthrough that earned it its current term.

Charlotte’s Web was one of the few remaining options to save a little girl’s life battling a severe illness. The doctors tried this CBD strain out of desperation, and it worked eventually.

Since that memorable encounter, medical researchers rolled up their sleeves and got to study it further. Their result is that Charlotte’s Web also spreads its benefits further to the mood arena.

Users need not worry about psychotic effects since Charlotte’s Web contains little to no THC. One of the reasons that users prefer to use Charlotte’s Web for their mood irregularities is its availability in different flavors.

For instance, one will notice a citrus flavor going up against their senses at the first attempt to consume it. They see floral notes that send waves of calm and positive moods as they continue to use it.

  • Cannatonic

Its roles in mood enhancement are squarely in its name suggests. Cannatonic strain deals primarily with medical conditions such as depression and anxiety. One of the most common symptoms of anxiety is the constant change in moods. You can also look for concerts near me for a change.

In most cases, anyone facing the advanced stages of depression and anxiety is always low on moods. Nothing excites them, and they are only there to be seen but not heard. Cannatonic strain has a significant CBD content that helps in the treatment of depression and other mental illnesses. 

  • Harlequin

The very first thing that consumers notice about the Harlequin strain is its unbeatable flavor. It is best consumed during the day to assure users of constant energy to face the day’s tasks and challenges.

Aside from enhancing moods, Harlequin also looks into the creativity levels of those who feel they need a boost. Those facing chronic pain, inflammation, and chronic syndromes can rely on the healing power of Harlequin. What’s more, it improves levels of alertness and enables one to focus keenly. 


Knowing the best CBD strains to turn to at your worst moments is crucial to a healthy lifestyle. This essential knowledge allows you to only settle for genuine and certified products. Mood swings are a significant part of life and have different ways of manifesting in us. What’s more important is to know how to handle them when they arise.