Benefit High Beam Vs Me Me Me Beat The Blues

Benefit High Beam Vs Me Me Me Beat The Blues

I suffer from The Greys, not only in hair department but in the face too. Y’see my face can look a little dull without the help of some kind of highlighter or illuminator. At university I became a Benefit High Beam devotee. Alas my budget could not stretch to it, so I could only really glow when someone was kind enough to buy me some of this shiny tonic as a birthday or Christmas gift. Boo hiss boo.  Thankfully Me Me Me were kind enough to make something very, very similar named Beat the Blues (Moonbeam) and it is much more purse friendly.

Benefit High Beam Vs Me Me Me Beat the Blues in Moonbeam


Benefit High Beam – £18.50
Me Me Me Beat the Blues (Moonbeam) – £5.25

Amount of product
Benefit High Beam – 13ml
Me Me Me Beat the Blues (Moonbeam) – 12ml

Where to buy
Benefit High Beam – Most department stores or large Boots have a Benefit stand or you can buy online in a number of places such as here.
Me Me Me Beat the Blues (Moonbeam) – Superdrug in store or online here or on the Me Me Me website here.

The comparison

They both come in glass bottles with plastic screw top lids and nail varnish style brush applicators. The Me Me Me brush feels a little more flimsy than the Benefit one but as I’m applying to my finger before taking the product to my face this isn’t an issue for me. When swatched unblended are both pink in colour although the High Beam, has very definite mother of pearl-y undertone whilst the Me Me Me, is very much pink. Unblended I much prefer the look of High Beam because the Me Me Me just looks a nightmare to blend down from the fairly vivid pink.

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However that said once blended out they are almost exactly the same with just a tad more pearl-y..umm-ness noticeable from the High Beam, which because of my heavy handed nature can end up looking a bit too much on my very pale skin unless I’m wearing bronzer. Both last the majority of the day with the Me Me Me fading first on my nose after about 5 hours and the Benefit lasting a max of 6 hours on my brow bone. Across my cheek bone they both last all day on my skin and leave me looking nice and glowy even when I’ve had a bit of a long, draining day. Overall if I had to choose between them I’d pick the Me Me Me, the price point is fantastic and I feel it provides a more ‘lit from within’ glow on me compared to the Benefit which can look a bit like ‘why yes I did put highlighter on my face’ sometimes on me.