Beetles Gel Polish

Beetles Gel Polish

How to apply gel nail polish

Step 1 – Prep the nail.

For a smooth and clean surface, trim, file and buff your nails. The cuticle should be pushed back. Use a file to remove shine from natural nails, particularly around the edges and cuticles. Clean the nail with a brush to remove any dust. *Before you open the bottle, gently roll it between your hands to mix.

Step 2 – Apply the base coat.

Apply a thin layer of base coat and let it dry under a UV/LED lamp for 60-90 seconds.

Step 3 – Apply the colour gel.

Apply the 1st layer of colour gel polish. Let it dry. (60 seconds)

Allow drying. (60 seconds)

If necessary, apply a third layer of colour gel nail polish. – cure. (60 seconds)

*Before applying colour, clean off any gel residue with a brush.

Step 4 – Apply the topcoat.

Apply a top coat and let dry under a UV/LED lamp for between 90 and 120 seconds.

Do not apply too much top or base coat. The gel will shrink and become brittle. It is important to apply every thin coat. –

Peel off or chip easily?

1. Trim the edge and remove the cuticle. Finally, polish your nails.

2. Avoid applying the gel to your skin or cuticle

3. Cap the nail edge. Apply gel horizontally to each nail’s edge to prevent chipping.

Not dry?

Pay attention to the curing times and inspect your cure lamp. For 120s UV lamp, LED lamp 60s.

How do I remove

1. Use a nail buffer to buff the top of your nails lightly.

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2. Soak a cotton pad or ball with nail gel remover, and place it on each nail.

3. Cover the nail with aluminium foil or any other nail wrap, and let the remover soak for at least 30 minutes.

4. Take a minimum of 15 minutes to soak.

5. Take out foils and cotton once in a while and use a removal wand to remove the gel gently. The gel should be easy to remove. Re-saturate, the cotton, wrap your finger in a towel and let it sit for five minutes.

6. After the gel has been removed, lightly buff the nails.