Becoming a breakfast eater with #AlproTops

Becoming a breakfast eater with #AlproTops

I’m not a natural born breakfast eater (I think you either are or you aren’t) but I do notice I perform better as a human in general when I’ve eaten something in the morning. It also means I don’t end up hitting a weak point at 3pm and spending a fiver on junk from the local shop.

As part of their Alpro Tops campaign Alpro asked me to become an Alpro ambassador and take part in a five day challenge to experiment with yoghurt toppings. They sent me a lovely package including lots of their big pots of soya yoghurt, pretty bowls and some toppings to erm…top the yoghurt and in a bid to get back into a breakfast routine I’m jumping in with both feet and committing to eating something yogurt-y for my first meal of the day.

My favourite so far is the Alpro Lemon & Lime poured onto raspberries then topped with flax seeds and some pistachios. It felt like a great re-introduction to the breakfast bandwagon because it was so fresh tasting without a heavy feeling, I can’t wait to try some more topping combinations especially if it stops the 3pm hangry walk to the corner shop. I’d love to hear your yoghurt based breakfast inspiration, so please share!

Are you a natural born breakfast eater or do you usually forget it entirely like me? What do you eat for breakfast?
You can check out my breakfasts and lots of others using the hashtag #AlproTops across social media and you can check out more inspiration on the Alpro Tops Site.

P.S. Yoghurt, bowls and toppings are kindly c/o Alpro UK

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