5 Easy And Beautiful Ways To Add Fairy Kei To Your Style

5 Easy And Beautiful Ways To Add Fairy Kei To Your Style

Picking your aesthetic, dressing how you want, and feeling your best is easier said than done. Not only will certain styles like goth and fairy kei be judged more harshly in society than others, but you also might be confused about where to start. 

However, there are some tips that you can keep in mind while shopping and dressing up to help you achieve the final look you want. This includes favoring certain colors more than others, changing the way you do makeup, and much more. 

Keep reading to find out about some easy and beautiful ways to add fairy kei to your style. 

What is Fairy Kei? 

First things first – what even comes under this style? Well, fairy kei roughly translates to “fairy like”, and like lolita, fairy kei fashion is a Japanese street trend that takes inspiration from childlike aesthetics.

Unlike other styles though, this one focuses heavily on bright pastel and neon hues as well as cartoon characters and pop culture elements like my little pony and care bears. Of course, there are also certain elements from Japanese manga itself, and the clothing cut and style is all inspired from 80s and 90s fashion. 

Now that you know what to expect, we can move on to see what you can do to incorporate it more into your wardrobe. 

Hair Color 

One of the things you’ll notice most when you look up fairy kei fashion is how almost everyone who dresses with this aesthetic has pastel colored hair – most commonly either pink or blue. If you’re particularly attached to your current hair color, no need to worry. 

Changing your hair color isn’t actually a requirement when it comes to fairy kei fashion, and you can still dress according to the aesthetic. 

Dress your hair up in bright accessories instead. Use big and bright hair pins, clips, cute hats, hair bands, and even wigs. 

Tops and Jackets 

When you go out shopping, try to find a balance between your own personal style and incorporate it into your new outfits – pastel tye and dye baggy shirts, brightly colored jackets, bright pins and badges with cartoon references, and a lot of stand out elements like frills, bows, and ribbons. 

You can also make room in your fairy kei closet for some white or black basic tops that would pair well with other jackets and bottoms – layering is a very big part of fairy kei fashion, and you just need something basic for it sometimes. 

Pants and Skirts 

The same rules for color and brightness apply to your bottoms as they did to your shirts, but of course there are some things that are specific to this item of clothing too. 

The most popular choice for fairy key outfits would be frilly, baggy, or short, cartoon-like shirts or shorts paired with brightly colored tights or thigh high socks with some chunky platform heels or sneakers and boots. 



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As far as dresses go, stick to cheerful summer dresses with – again – frills, tulle and ruffles, puffy sleeves, glitter, cartoon references, and simple patterns like stripes and polka dots. Pair these up with the same kind of stockings and shoes you would for any other outfit, and you have successfully achieved your fairy kei look!