Basement Living?

Basement Living?

You may have heard tell around these ‘ere parts (and also on my A Thrifty Mrs Facebook page and Twitter feed) that us here at Thrifty Towers are moving due to our nightmare neighbours. You may also have heard that we have found a flat to rent. Yup not a house but a flat, as sad as that is (I’m really going to miss our garden) I have to get out of the current Thrifty Towers before I bludgeon the scum bag neighbours to death with a copper bottomed saucepan. Anywhoo, there were three other couples in the running for the flat and somehow (somehow, somehow!) we have beat them into getting it. (Small) whoop! We have to wait for all our our references to come back before it is official (our current landlord is on holiday and Mr Thrifty’s boss is plain dragging her feet) but fingers crossed, it shall soon be our haven. But, but, but, I need your help people. The flat is a basement flat. Because it is down in the depths of a house and lots of people are put off by that we were able to get double the amount of space for our money.

If we wanted a first or second floor flat we’d have been stuck with tiny rooms and no storage but because we were perpared to compromise, we’ll have two bedrooms, (a tiny bit of) outdoor space, our own entrance, a good amount of storage and off road parking –¬† huzzah.¬† I need your hints and tips for making a basement feel homely because I am aware they can be pretty dark and dingy if the space is not well appropriated. How can we make it nice? There are windows, they’re not huge but they do let a good amount of light in but I have plans to hang mirrors opposite them to add more light and to drape fairy lights over them to create a cosy atmosphere. As it will be rented we can’t really go banging massive holes into walls, paint, put up too many pictures/mirrors or go adding light fittings but I’m sure there are lots of ways we can go about making it feel nice. So please, spill out any ideas, tips, links, photos, drawings, ANYTHING you think that might help us with basement living.

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A Little Bit of News-

Because we are moving to a flat from a house with lots of storage, we will be selling off lots of stuff (furniture, vintage goodies, clothes, plants, kitchen equipment, DVDs, CDs, books, bric-a-brac, fabric, crafting equipment and more) plus there will be cake, lots of cake. We will be hosting this sale at the current Thrifty Towers (Manchester, England) the day before we hand over the keys to the new tenant. We are as yet unsure of the exact date that this will be happening (hopefully before the end of May) but I’ll keep you all updated on news of the sale.