Bargain Dog Lights

Bargain Dog Lights

If you’ve got a four legged friend you like to set loose across fields and parks in these increasingly darker evenings, you might be petrified you’ll never see them again or they may encounter traffic (or if you live near me – trams). Lights for dogs during the darker months of the year (oooh say late Sept – late April) are essential but I’ve seen a great many which can set you back £30-£50 and that’s not really an option I can entertain for something which is likely to get broken! Yikes.

One dark night early last spring, I was sick of trying to find our tiny black dog in a very dark field at night time so I grabbed a bike light from the front of my bike and attached it to his harness. It worked remarkably well but this winter when that light died, we opted for a halo option and our friend gave us a reflective collar her dog is scared of – so we’re all set! However if you have one of these bendy bike lights then give them a go because they last a long time, they’re simple to move from harness to harness, they’re super bright and I’ve seen them in lots of shops at great prices.

Here are the best cheap dog lights out there right now and I’d highly recommend the halo options!

1. Halo flashing light £4.99 – £5.99 dependant on size //  2. LED light flash collar £2.69 //  3. Reflective flashing dog collar £4.64 //  4. Safety collar £4.41 – £5.64 dependant on size //  5. Changeable flashing light £0.99

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