How to ensure that your guests have an awesome time at your cocktail hen party?

How to ensure that your guests have an awesome time at your cocktail hen party?

Having a cocktail hen party without entertainment can never be fun. You just organized a cocktail hen party for your friends. You enjoy cocktail drinks and simply chatting with them can become dull at times.

What’s a cocktail hen party if it is not entertaining? It’s boring! There are many different ways you can make the cocktail making hen party more entertaining for anyone. You can have a complete set-up for making your cocktail hen party last for an entire night long. You can try and introduce specific games that can help make the event more entertaining.

Crowd-pleasing games

One of the most common ways to get entertained in a cocktail hen party is to blindfold all hens. This game is also called “fumble in darkness”. Different types of cocktail drinks can be decorated on the bartender’s table.

Men can be directed to the table to select their favourite cocktail drinks. The best part of this game is that you get to enjoy the cocktail drink and the game at the same time. The winner of the competition can have selected his favourite cocktail drink. The selection can also be made by men after tasting a few drinks.

Hand’s pairing cocktail games

This type of cocktail game has always been more entertaining for any cocktail party. Pairs can be formed and the hands can be tied together. The couples can be asked to select their favourite cocktail drink. They have to drink the cocktail drink without touching the glass.

The game gets more fun and entertaining the moment the couple loses grip and breaks the cocktail drink glass. The game can be enjoyed by couples of all age groups. The hands have to be tied to the waist length.

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Cocktail making

If you want to experiment then you can also organize cocktail making events. You can select a few couples and ask them to create their new cocktail flavours. They can create the flavours and then name them.

The flavours can be tested by judges of the event. The creator of the most unique flavour will win the prize. A lot of fruit juice and berries can also be used for making unique cocktails. The benefit of this round is that if you are a judge you will get to taste a lot of new flavours.

Quiz sessions

Short quiz sessions can also be introduced. Different cocktails can be kept on the table and the couples have to guess the right name. The winner is usually the person who names the cocktails perfectly.

 There are unlimited ways in which you get to enjoy any cocktail hen party. You can add any game that will help you enjoy the party for the entire night. Cocktails are good as you can enjoy them in any way.