Aussie Dupe? ALDI Carino Mighty Review

Aussie Dupe? ALDI Carino Mighty Review

As with many Aldi products these hair products definitely have the look of another brand, I’ll ask the question you’re thinking – is this an Aussie dupe? Err, pretty much. A couple of years ago I regularly used Aussie’s Mega Shampoo and Conditioner range (£4.69 each here), I thought it was pretty damn awesome. It gave my naturally lacklustre hair (FYI – fine hair, lots of it, bit of a wave, frizzy and a pain in the backside) a bit of oomph and life. The Aussie products left my hair feeling smooth too, which is a real challenge when it comes to my hair. Sadly after a few years my hair grew immune to it and I moved on to pastures new.

Aussie Shampoo And Conditioner

What the Packaging Says:

This Mighty Shampoo with Kangaroo Paw Flower Extract adds life and shine to dull hair. This formulation for everyday use ensures your hair is looking smooth, full of life and most importantly looking and smelling fabulous.”

What I Say:

Well, I can’t use it everyday but then I can’t use any shampoo everyday without my hair turning into a greasy messy at the top and scarecrow-eqsue at the bottom but for every other day across the period of 2-3 weeks I’ve found it’s worked really well. My hair feels clean, has far fewer frizzy bits (not all are tamed though) and has a good amount of bounce even without conditioner or a blow dry and it smells really, really good!

Carino Mighty Shampoo* is £1.99 for 300ml

I think, however a range is really tested when it comes to conditioner and this is my favourite of the two.

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What I Say:

I don’t normally condition my hair every time I wash my hair because I find it a bit too heavy, so at first I used the shampoo for every wash and the conditioner for every other wash – my hair was feeling so manageable and bouncy I decided to risk it and try the conditioner with every wash and I’m glad I did. The product is very thick feeling but it rinses out without leaving any film or residue and leaves my hair feeling super smooth whether I leave it to air dry or opt for a heat device.

Carino Mighty Conditioner* is £1.99 for 300ml

Dupe-wise my hair feels exactly like it did when I used Aussie a couple of years back – smooth, bouncy and healthy. Scent wise these two are both fresh, light and with a certain air of a famous Australian scent. Well worth a whirl, I just wish the range included a 3 minute treatment of some kind. Oh and by the way this range also features a Moisture shampoo and conditioner set which I have waiting in my bathroom, so I’ll be giving that a whirl soon. I would have liked to review the two in the same post but I like to give each product a fair go before reporting back or getting muddled. So keep your eyes peeled for that review soon.