Athletic Wear for Active Mom – From Head To Toe

Athletic Wear for Active Mom – From Head To Toe

The athleisure trend has been taking the world by storm over the past couple of years. This is fantastic for active moms who like to balance their numerous responsibilities with physical exercise and self-care. 

If you’re on the hunt for athletic wear that you can wear anywhere while looking and feeling great, you’re in luck. Here are some of the best activewear options for active moms.

Top Considerations for Athletic Wear

When it comes to choosing your daily athletic wear, there are a few key components to keep in mind. 

1. Comfort

Comfort isn’t just about how your clothes feel when you wear them; it’s about how you feel. If you’re feeling self-conscious about your body, look for pieces that help you feel confident and beautiful.

2. Stage of Motherhood

Different stages of motherhood put different demands on the body. If you’re still nursing, you’ll need sports bras and tops that are nursing friendly. Additionally, if you’ve just had a baby, it’s worth investing in athletic attire with more elasticity so that your clothes fit as your body changes.

3. Functionality and Training Style

Look for pieces that can be accessorized to work whether you’re at the gym or the grocery store. You’ll also want to take your preferred training style into account. If you’re at the gym, lifting weights, having something more form-fitting that won’t catch is essential. If you’re heading to yoga or barre, you can wear something more flowy and relaxed.

Best Tops

1. Milk and Baby

Milk and Baby is a brand that specializes in clothing for pregnant and nursing mothers. Their athleisure collection has a variety of high-quality sports bras and tanks that are built for function and fashion. These pieces look great both in and out of the gym.

2. Sweaty Betty

Sweaty Betty offers athletic tops in a variety of shapes, styles, and fabrics. This site truly has something for everyone and is great for all body types and training modalities. 

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With these tops, you can feel comfortable walking out of the gym and heading straight to a coffee date to catch up with your friends. They pair well with hard-earned sweat and stylish sweaters. 

Best Leggings

1. GRRRL Clothing

GRRRL Clothing isn’t just a brand; it’s a revolution. This company promotes female empowerment and body positivity. Rather than having traditional clothing styles, GRRRL uses the names of their real athlete models to encourage inclusivity.

Their leggings are high-quality and multi-functional. You can wear their black mandala leggings while sweating it out in the gym or with a leather blazer and heels for a night on the town. 

2. Anook Athletics

Anook is another brand that caters to pregnant and postpartum moms. Their leggings are soft, supportive, and high-waisted. These are ideal for moms who have recently had c-sections and are just getting back into training.

Best Footwear

1. Elite Sports Socks

Socks are the new accessory of choice— the more unique, the better. Elite Sports Socks is a custom sock company that allows you to design your own socks. Get matching socks with your CrossFit pals or represent your child’s sports team. You can even use these socks to create a unique, high-profit fundraiser to prove your epic multi-tasking mom skills.

2. Nike Air Max

Nike has long been dominant in both athletics and athleisure. However, the Air Max line is a cut above the rest. Not only does the Air Max design provide extra cushioning and support as you run to get fit or run to the store, but the line comes in a variety of fun colors and designs.

Valentine’s Day offers a subtle feminine touch without being overstated, while the React is a vibrant work of art. In other words, you’ll never want to take these shoes off.

With these activewear pieces, you’ll be ready to go from head to toe. Treat yourself to a few new outfits and stay active.