Should You or Shouldn’t You Allow Pet Parents in Your Rental Property?

Should You or Shouldn’t You Allow Pet Parents in Your Rental Property?

Renting your property to tenants with pets is a big dilemma! You are always under confusion — should you allow them, or shouldn’t you? Well, if you are a pet owner yourself, you can understand their love and would consider renting it out to them because of this mutual understanding. But even after doing so, you know that you are somewhat at a loss here. Hallelujah! 

The Benefits and Losses of Renting Your Property to Pet Owners! 

According to the studies, more than fifty percent of people seeking rental properties are pet owners. And you are sure to come across at least half of them if you put your house in the market for rent. You surely can’t deny all of them because they have pets. But we understand accepting them has some huge drawbacks too. Then the decision stays tough! But as a property owner, you are the one who has to decide upon this wisely after assessing all the facts listed below:

  • Benefits of Renting Your Property to Pet Parents — Let’s read why you should discuss the matter with your rental property manager in Tauranga, At Home Property Management can state all the pros and cons to you regarding accepting pet owners as your tenants. They are the most experienced and reliable ones in this field and will ensure to check everything about the terms and conditions of this situation before finalising the deal. The benefits of this step are listed below:
  • You’ll Attract a Tenant Easily — As soon as you put out the advertisement that you are accepting pet parents as tenants, you’ll easily get lots of tenants — and thus your property gets engaged rapidly.
  • They’ll Give You Good Money Too — As not all property owners accept pet parents, the tenants grab the ones who allow them greedily. And in order to acquire such a property, they are even ready to pay a good sum.
  • Pet Owners Are Considered to Be More Responsible Individuals— If we believe the studies, it specifies the fact that pet owners are considered to be more reasonable and responsible individuals and therefore should care for your property better.
  • The Losses of Renting Your Property to Pet Owners— Though the above benefits can be considered, you couldn’t even ignore the losses you may bear when you allow the pets in your property:
  • The Damage is Imaginable —The scratches on the carpets and walls, the breaking and biting of furnishings and more — no matter how much they are trained.
  • The Odour Can Be Permanent—The pet’s urine and poop if absorbed in the carpet leaves an unbearable odour. And no matter how much you clean it the smell is everlasting and can cause issues for you later.
  • The Noise and Disturbance Can Bring Lots of Complaints From Neighbours — Not all neighbourhoods allow the tenants to bring in pets with them because of the noise (and consequent disturbance of neighbours) they may cause.
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We know, as a property owner you are in a fix now after reading about the benefits and losses of accepting the pet parents in your property. But you can always make the best decision according to your property’s condition, neighbourhood and the income you plan to get from it!