All About Exposed Aggregate Driveways and Why They Are Worth It

All About Exposed Aggregate Driveways and Why They Are Worth It

Remember the short road in front of your house where you learned how to ride a bike? That short road is called a driveway. When you were growing up, everyone had the same simple, grey-colored and boring driveways but the time has changed. Now you can see different kinds of designs and textures instead of a plain road. This is what exposed aggregate driveways are, a driveway that is made by removing the cement layer which is the top layer of a driveway and highlighting the next layer which is called Aggregate.


It might be a little more expensive than the normal driveways but in the long run, exposed aggregate driveway outperforms its competition. It is said that it stays as it is for as long as four decades. It also has the capacity to survive any weather even heavy rains which is why it is most popular in cities like Melbourne where the weather is always on the extreme side. 


1. Saves you from a skid.

The surface has small stones that are layered, which gives it texture and hence it is skid resistant. Hence proving that it is safer than the normal driveway.

2. Maintenance is Low

One more reason to prefer exposed aggregate driveways in Melbourne over the normal one is that the maintenance is very low and hardly costs you any money. All you have to do is clean the surface with water. You can also choose to seal your driveway in this option which you can unseal after 4 to 5 years.

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3. Get your Dream Driveway

Just like everything at your home is perfect and of your choice, so why can’t the driveway be of your choice? You might have already seen different kinds of driveways while you go out for dinner at an expensive restaurant or at someone’s home and you have probably thought to yourself ‘why can’t I have the same driveway’, because let’s accept it, driveways are an integral part of your home. Well, with an exposed aggregate driveway, you get that option. You can make it of whichever color you like with the right kind of texture and size that you want. It will finally be Your driveway.

So if you want to have a driveway which stays the same as you grow old and which can be a perfect runway for your child to run a cycle or try skating on, then go for exposed aggregate driveways. The scenic beauty that it offers is an added benefit as well. This is one thing which sure is a little expensive, but it is the best investment one can have for their dream home.