Aldi’S Lacura High Balance Day Cream Recommended

Aldi’S Lacura High Balance Day Cream Recommended

I don’t like to recommend things unless I’ve given them a proper whirl. And with this being my third tube of I like to think I’ve given it a proper whirl. I flung my first tube of this into the shopping trolly on a whim earlier in the year when I was running low on my day cream, mainly because of the price point (£3.99 for 75ml). I’d used their Q10 Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream before and really enjoyed it although after around 6 months the richness seemed to tire out my skin so I wondered if this would be lighter. Lacura describe this day cream as ‘progressive, anti-ageing care for sensitive and stressed skin. The day cream with an exclusive, tripe action anti-stress system helps protect and strengthen the skin against negative daily influences such as stress and harmful environmental effects.

Lacura Facial Care

Lacura HIGH BALANCE Day Cream with the “Strong Skin Plus Formula” helps strengthen the skin’s resistance, soothe and prevent redness and replenish moisture leaving your skin feeling noticeably smoother.’ My skin is combination, prone to oilness through the T-zone and dryness on my cheeks and towards the edges of my face. I get a weekly lone spot but rarely clusters unless I have a rough menstrual period or I have a run of late nights. My skin can easily become dehydrated if I don’t look after it or drink enough water so I’m constantly on a quest for the de-greying factor in my skin care.


To give you an idea of what I use on my skin before moisturising – I use a hot cloth cleanser in the morning (usually  and at night, along with rose water as a toner. Twice a week I use my Rio Sonicleanse with. I also use an eye cream and night cream but in all honesty I’m still trying to find something which I like on both those fronts. If you have any budget friendly recommendations do of course leave a link below. I apply sunscreen daily before my make up, at the moment I’m enjoying  and I only wear make up 3-4 times a week.

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Lacura Face Cream

Lacura High Balance Day Cream is of a medium – thick consistency for a day cream (for me anyway – I don’t go like super thick creams for day time) but once you start applying it to the skin you’ll notice it quickly becomes light and works in evenly. My skin absorbs the cream quickly without any real residue which is always important when getting ready in the morning – I don’t want to be slapping my foundation on top of a wet face. Since I’ve been using this on a regular basis I have been wowed by the reaction from other people more than anything. I’ve had people tell me my skin is ‘glowing’ and that I look ‘really young and healthy’.  I can’t say as I’ve noticed this special glow myself, however I have noticed a decent amount of firmness to my skin and my dehydrated, grey tone seems to have been knocked into a cocked hat.

One place I’ve noticed a real difference in the area of anti-ageing has been on my neck. I’m 30 now and whilst I’m not exactly leaping toward old age anytime soon, my neck was starting to look a bit older than I’d like. I’ve got a fat, wobbly face and neck so it isn’t likely to turn into a tight, firm part of my body with just the aid of an Aldi face cream however it definitely looks and feels firmer and smoother. My reaction to this is nothing short of chuffed. P.S. Which bargain day creams do you use? Let us know what you use and what your skin type is and hopefully we’ll be able to help someone between us.