Aldi Shower Gel Vs Original Source

Aldi Shower Gel Vs Original Source

I love, love, love Original Source shower gels, their Mint and Tea Tree is a firm favourite here at Thrifty Towers so I have to admit to being a tad sceptical when it came to trying out a ‘dupe’ product. Let me start with why I love the Original Source Tea Tree and Mint Shower Gel. It smells incredible! The scent is really fresh and almost overwhelming but not in a synthetic cleaning product kind of way. The smell instantly rejuvenates me and wakes me up – usually when people say something like that my eyes roll so far to the back of my head I can read the titles of the books on the shelf behind me but honestly this stuff really gives you a fresh blast.

Using the gel itself is really pleasant because it sits happily in the neither too thick and neither too thin bracket meaning a little goes a long way and none of it gets washed away down the plug hole without you getting the chance to use it. I love how the smallest drop gets you squeaky clean and fresh. £1.50 for 250ml seems to be the most common price but I often see it knocked down to between £1-£1.10ish in Supermarkets. Aldi’s offering to this battle is Kick Start! Mint & Tea Tree Shower Gel and folks, apart from the fact this is a tiny (and I mean teeny, tiny bit) greener rather than the blue-green of the Original Source it is exactly the same. The smell is the same, the consistency and well…everything else is the same.

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This Aldi Shower Gel is 89p for 250ml.

In the manner of Aldi adverts – I like this one, I also like this one – I’ll always choose the cheaper one in this contest. Well done Aldi, you win!

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