ALDI Lacura CC Cream Review

ALDI Lacura CC Cream Review

Aldi’s recent addition to their Lacura beauty range comes in the form of a CC Cream. Not to be confused with a lighter coverage BB cream,  the CC in this case stands for ‘Colour Correction’ meaning you can get a harder working coverage for those troublesome areas in one tube. The Lacura CC Cream* comes in at £4.99 for 50ml and promises to suit ‘all skin tones’, to bring about ‘flawless coverage’ and a ‘naturally radiant complexion’ all with UVA and UVB SPF 15 and a ‘moisturising complex’. That’s a lot of promise in one £4.99 tube.

Lacura CC Cream

Fresh from the tube I got two impressions immediately. First off, it doesn’t smell great but worry ye not as this dissipates upon application and blending. Secondly the colour is dark, really, really dark but without much effort I was able to blend it well and the colour mellowed a good amount however it was still far, far, far too dark for my blue-y white skin. The cream applies evenly either with fingers or a brush. I actually preferred to apply it with my fingers because I could get a feel for the way it applied to the skin and I felt it gave a better look but applying it with this ELF brush brought up no issues and it blended well with a buffing motion.

It’s easy to build up a good amount of coverage without feeling like you’re wearing a mask and the length of wear comes in at about 6-7 hours on my thirsty skin. I was able to conceal a red patch in around 20 seconds when applying with my fingers and it certainly brightened the parts of my face which need brightening. I love the coverage, the texture, the application and the length of time this stays on my skin however for someone with very pale skin this is not a product I’d be able to consider wearing because it’s just too dark.

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If your skin is a darker shade of pale (ahem) through to medium and upwards this is certainly a product to consider but for us ghostly pale types then I’m afraid you’ll be left looking grubby and like you chose your foundation during a power cut. Even when blended through and with powder, blusher and bronzer added to my face it was clear that this CC cream was at least 3 shades too dark for my skin.


  •  Fab price point
  •  Covers spots
  •  Evens out skin tone, hides discolouration and even makes a good job of dark circles.
  •  Applies well with fingers or brush
  •  Not orange


  •  Not suitable for pale skin.
  •  Strange smell.

All in all I think Lacura CC Cream is a great product but the colour range needs to be broadened out. If this product came in a lighter shade it would become an instant staple product in my make up bag but for me it just doesn’t work. If the shades (and it does adapt somewhat) suit you then this could be an easy morning make up fix on a tight budget.