Aldi Cycling Specialbuy

Aldi Cycling Specialbuy

Did you Know I Only Learnt to Ride a Bike (Read more About that Here) in My Late Twenties?

And Mr. Thrifty cycles to work and back every day? We’re cycle fanatics here at Thrifty Towers…kinda…ish. I love jumping on my bike and pootling to the shops or for a bit of lunch and I’ll even go for whizz out to the countryside of a weekend with the husband if I haven’t been out drinking the night before.

As a result of all this wheel spinning the Aldi Cycling Specialbuy really speaks to me and hurrah it’s back and just in time for me to get some nice little bits for Mr. Thrifty’s upcoming birthday too. We have had some Aldi cycling products before when they’ve been on Special buy and the quality is almost as good as some of the higher-end stuff and much, much better than other items of a similar price point on the market.

Aldi Cycling Clothes and Bike Stand Accessories

  • Winter cycling jacket £15.99
  • A choice of 4 colors a sizes S-XL
  • Aldi cycling rain jacket £19.99
  • Available in pink and yellow in sizes S-XL
  • Ultra-bright Aldi cycling shirt £9.99

Sizes S-XL

The range also includes Aldi gloves, undergarments, and base layers, socks, locks, and lights, etc. and I can vouch for the quality of a lot of this range. The Specialbuy went into the store yesterday) and normally flies off the shelves pretty quick, so get down there fast.

When is Aldi Cycling Event

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