Advent Paperchains

Advent Paperchains

I love these advent paper chains, I’ve been using them for years as a simple way to inject Christmas into your home slowly. Add one loop to the paperchain with each day of advent that passes. To start off it’ll be small but by the time you start to feel festive it’ll be a long chain of Christmas decorations.

– White paper
– Festive coloured (or white) paper clips
– Drawing pins
– Scissors
– Ruler
– Pencil

How to make your advent paperchain1. Clip four pieces of A4 paper neatly on top of each other.
2. Draw straight lines down the front layer of paper, ruler width apart.
3. Cut down the lines so you have long, white paper strips.

4. Put your lengths of paper in a festive jar (be careful not to crinkle or crease them) and add a pot of paper clips to sit next to it.
5. As each day goes by add another strip of paper to the paperchain by looping it over and securing with a paperchain.
6. Once the paperchain is a suitable length, add one end to your wall or ceiling with a drawing pin.
7. Continue adding to the paperchain for the full 24 days of advent.

You can of course glue your paperchains rather than clip them but I like that with clips you can store these away and keep them for the next year. Plus the coloured paperclips add just a tiny little injection of festive colour. These are super easy, so everyone from small folk upward can join in with making them and putting it together.
A solo chain looks fab but you could easily make chains with different sized paper for everyone in your home and string them together to create a really fun look.

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