Abandon Your Regular Route Around The Supermarket And Save Money

Abandon Your Regular Route Around The Supermarket And Save Money

The supermarkets are incredibly wise, especially when it comes to the layout of their stores and the locations of the products. However one key way to save a bit of money is to deviate away from their regular, mapped out format.Sure, there may be a whole aisle dedicated to spices in dinky little jars at nearly £2 a pop but hop over an aisle or two to the ‘Ethnic Aisle’ and you’ll find the same spices (often by the same manufacturers) sold in large packets (often 4 times the size) for about 80p. The ethnic aisle tends also to be cheaper for curry pastes, raisins and semolina along staples like rice, pasta, noodles, tinned beans and lentils. The same goes for cotton wool and cotton buds, ignore your instincts which tell you to head to the beauty aisle. If you pop to the baby aisle more often than not you’ll find you can buy up to double the amount for the same price as the beauty aisle.

You’ll see similar with cocktail supplies (check out the freezers or baking aisles), speciality sugar (I often find larger and cheaper bags of this next to the large palette of granulated sugar next to the eggs rather than in the baking section) and many other examples.Next time you’re in the aisles of your local supermarket, throw out that layout map so deeply ingrained in your mind and try out the lesser beaten track.

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