A Beginners Guide To Indian Food In Ottawa

A Beginners Guide To Indian Food In Ottawa

Did you ever feel like you had tried everything before finding the best restaurants in Ottawa? Pizza, pasta, and pizza are all great options. But what about Indian food? It can be difficult to taste Indian food in Ottawa at first. However, this shouldn’t stop you from trying it. Here are some tips and insight for novices to Indian cuisine:

What makes food smell so strong?

Indian cuisine is bursting with powerful spices. These are responsible for the delicious aromas and mouthwatering flavours. Among others, there are cumin, coriander and red chili powder, mustard seed, turmeric, cinnamon, and cardamom.

Is there anything spicy?

It is common to believe that Indian food is all spicy. Indian cooking is characterized by the addition of chili powder or chilies. Many recipes can be modified to make it more or less spicy. Many great restaurants in Ottawa offer non-spicy options.

Isn’t that unhealthy?

Another misconception about Indian food is that it can be too spicy. Most Indian food is prepared from scratch, and it can produce a delicious flavor without the use of preservatives or additives. Some spices have healing properties. Take, for example:

Anti-oxidants are found in cinnamon and cardamom.

Cumin can improve your immune system and help you digest.

Your metabolism can be accelerated by cinnamon and chili powder.

You may be confused if you’re trying Indian food for the first time in Ottawa. Even though the terms may seem unfamiliar, many indian restaurant in Nepean will be able to explain each item and make suggestions based on what you like. Here are three terms you should know:

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Naan: Naan is a flatbread made with leavened flour used in West, South, and Central Asian cuisines. Naan, similar to pita bread but lighter in texture, is often served warm. Use it as a wrap, a dip or as an accompaniment to an entree.

Paneer: Paneer refers to a popular Indian cheese. Paneer is a delicious cheese that has a lot of great qualities. Paneer is usually non-melting, so it can be eaten with warm dishes.

Curry is a dish made with curry powder. Curry powder is a mixture of spices. It usually includes spices like turmeric, chili powder and ground cumin. There are many types of spices that curry powder can include. Although curries may vary in their preparations and ingredients, curry powder is delicious.

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