A Beautiful Mess – The Photoshoot

A Beautiful Mess – The Photoshoot

Today has been a bit go, go, go here at Thrifty Towers. First an emergency call from work meaning I had to get up at the crack of dawn to do some work, followed by a washing machine that decided to play silly games then I had a photographer come round to take photographs of a coffee morning with the lovely Mrs B. I’ll tell you, it’s amazing how much of a mess you need to make to make something look beautiful.

Yes, that is a royal wedding tea towel hanging in the background. I love me some kitsch.

I’m writing this post from my sofa, not for comfort reasons but because all of the furniture in my tiny office cranny has been moved into the kitchen or a corner. Pah! All that said it was great fun. The photographer (a man with a real passion for Kitsch too) was a great laugh and he put me at ease, I even managed to eat a quarter of a cookie and three bites of a scone through my nerves. Big thanks to Mrs B (if you don’t read her blog or follow her on Twitter why not? Go and do it now) for teaching me her ‘staff room laugh’ so I didn’t look so stilted and scared.

Apart from the furniture being moved (so the photographer could get the right angles) everything was pretty much real, I do serve up my food on glass cake stand, pour tea from vintage chintz teapots and eat with 1940’s cake knives and the majority of it gets thrown in the dishwasher too. We drank lots and lots of tea in order to create lots of mucky cups, saucers, tea pots etc. so I can perform my Finish Jury duties to the full.

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So what are the photos for? Well as I mentioned above and in this post I am now an official member of the Finish Jury and I’m trialling their new product Finish QuantuMatic (I’m on a mission to make a real mess of all my crockery and dishes before filling up the machine, I’m a hard task master I can tell you. It will be tested to the max here at Thrifty Towers) before passing my judgement soon. Finish will be launching a microsite very soon and the photos will appear on that site. So when you and others see them you can rest assured we did drink the tea (and stain my teapot badly), I did bake the scones, cookies and parmiers and the jam smeared plate was created by a two year old not a stylist.

I do indeed put my vintage china in the dishwasher. Most of it is cheap and from charity shops or eBay and we use it daily, my general moto for life is ‘if you won’t use it, don’t buy it.’ So dishes, plates, teacups and teapots all have knives clattered off them, stains glued on in the oven and thrown in the dishwasher. That’s the way things roll at Thrifty Towers. If I think something is too delicate to be eaten off, or shoved in the dishwasher then I just don’t take it home because it doesn’t fit into my lifestyle. We’re a dishwasher family.