8 Uses for Elastic Bands

8 Uses for Elastic Bands

Elastic (or rubber) bands have more uses that you could wish to know about and I’m sure I could start a whole new blog about my love for them but that is, erm, a little bit specialist isn’t it? Elastic bands are very cheap but if you’re in the UK you’ll find that Royal Mail litter the streets with them so do your Womble bit, pick them up and re-use them. How many red elastic resistance bands do Royal Mail use? Feel free to use that sucking through teeth noise that plumbers make when it’s a big job because Royal Mail use 2 million rubber bands per day umm yeah.

Uses for elastic bands

1. Got a bed with slats? Do they occasionally slip around or move? Slip an elastic band over the offending slats and they should happily stay in place. The bed in our spare room used to be an utter nightmare for the slats moving about and disturbing sleep. I’m happy to report, since my friend recommended this, all of our overnight guests have slept well.

2. I have an elastic band on my keyring. I’m always a bit scared about searching through my bag when I get off the bus in the dark of the night. The elastic band is easy to find in the bottom of my bag and looping it over my wrist bracelets just before I get off the bus means it is to hand and safe on my dark walk home.

3. Group pens together. Before I looped bands around my sets of pens and pencils I always seemed to be hunting for a pen. Now they’re grouped together and never go astray.

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4. Scrunch up three or four elastic bands and use them as a rubber (eraser). Great for getting marks off the walls (just don’t use coloured ones), skirting boards and wooden furniture

5. If you have a toddler in the house this could come in handy. When replacing the toilet roll put an elastic band over spindle that the loo roll sits on. Between uses expand the elastic band over the loo roll to prevent the small people from tugging the whole lot off the roll. Read another of my loo roll saving tips.

6. A thimble. I knot a thick elastic band around my index finger when sorting through piles of paper work.

7. When my dustpan brush is looking a bit sorry for itself I stand it in vinegar then hot water and once dry I wrap an elastic band over the bristles to keep them firm and in place.

8. If you put an elastic band around a tight lid on a jar before trying to open it, it’ll come off in no time

9. You can also use rubber bands for different hairstyles, they come in different sizes for all types of hair.