8 reasons to shop in charity shops

8 reasons to shop in charity shops

A lot of people just don’t get why I shop in charity shops and will ask why on earth I love ‘second hand junk’ so much. They even turn their noses up when I mention I run a charity shop blog. Well, after the firm end of a ten minute conversation they’re more often than not pretty convinced and even converted. Evangelical, me? Never.

8 reasons to shop in charity shops
1. IndividualWhen you buy from a charity shop it’s rare that you’ll see someone else wearing the same clothes as you or keeping their plates in the same cupboard. Now that everyone seems to buy everything from Primark, going out in a provincial town or city on a Friday is a fun chance to play ‘spot Primark’s new stock’ or Primark Bingo as Mr Thrifty likes to call it. But who really wants to be part of that game?

2. Eco friendlyBuying from a charity shop is the ultimate in eco friendly fashion or homeware with only the merest hint of hemp. You’re actively saving clothes, furniture and other items from languishing in landfill. Just the knowledge that by using what is already here means I’m not adding another item to the planet makes me endlessly happy. It’s Swampy…with style.

3. PriceIt’s cheap. Sure the £1 finds are few and far between, but the price of most things are a darn site cheaper than the stuff you’ll find on the high street.

4. LocalMost charity shops are outside of large, glass shopping centres meaning you get to know the local area a bit better. Shopping in charity shops makes me more likely to nip into that independent butchers or baker next door.

5. CharityIt really should go without saying – you’re supporting a worth while cause with each purchase.

6. CreativityThrifting stirs up those creative juices and it’s no surprise that many people who love nipping into a charity shop have an artistic or crafty vein running through their body. Buying from a charity shop might seem like you’re being forced into drudgery but honestly all it has forced me to do is think creatively and try new things.

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7. The brag bombThe first time someone asks you about your new top/plate/sofa/bag is and you can reply ‘oh this? £2, charity shop’ you will get a buzz. The brag bomb buzz is thrilling, it is, it is! Knowing someone is swooning over something you love and picked up for hardly anything, is a kind of smugness we can all agree it’s okay to indulge in.

8. MemoriesEven if you don’t buy anything every time you go in to a charity shop, a lot of the time you’ll come across something which triggers a great memory of your childhood or distant past. A good charity shop can be like a museum of your own personal life and times. A Rainbow Brite duvet cover, that tattered looking My Little Pony, those plates your grandma had or a dress just like the one your mother wore when you were a child. The small things, the day to day things you forget. They’re all still there…in charity shops.

So print this out and read it aloud to any charity shop naysayers you may encounter.

Why do you shop in charity shops or thrift stores?

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