8 Common Paint Sprayer Mistakes that you should Avoid

8 Common Paint Sprayer Mistakes that you should Avoid

The paint sprayer can make your painting job go more quickly. They can be used to reach higher heights and spray paint in an even coat. This allows you to achieve professional results. Although paint sprayers are simple to use, there are some things you should know to ensure professional results.

Knowing the most common mistakes made with paint sprayers will make learning how to use them easier. Before you buy a sprayer or even start using one or hire a professional house painters in west auckland.

These are the most common mistakes made with a paint sprayer:

Preparation Related

Only surfaces that are properly prepared can be painted with a paint sprayer. Before the paint can stick properly, the surface must be dry and clean. Also, remove any protruding or damaged nails. You will need to fix small imperfections like nail holes and sand down the surface.


Sprayers spray thin coats that are thinner than you can apply with a brush, roller or brush. Before the paint can be applied, a primer must be applied to the surface. It makes the surface smoother and helps you cover more area with less paint.

Primer is less expensive than paint, and sprayers use more paint than brushing or rolling the surface. Primer is a must before applying paint to a sprayer.

On the Sprayer, Turn on the Hose

When the sprayer is first used, the hose that delivers the paint will release air bubbles. The paint’s appearance is affected by the air bubbles. This can be prevented by loading the sprayer and spraying a small paint section onto cardboard. This allows for any air bubbles or other problems to be eliminated.

Not Holding the Sprayer Close to The Surface

This is the most common mistake. People tend to hold the sprayer gun close to the surface. This can lead to a runny sprayer gun that doesn’t look right.

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The spray paint gun should be held approximately 12 inches from the surface you are painting.

Tilting the Gun

Tilting the gun up or down during paint application will also cause a poor result. You should hold the gun evenly to point directly at the area you wish to paint.

Spraying in a Circular Motion

Paint should be applied straight, up and down, from left to right. Paint should not be applied in circles or angled stripes, as you would when applying paint with a roller. Follow the same pattern throughout the room.

Continue to paint every wall up and down if you’re painting up and then down. You should not paint the same wall up and down as the one next to it. You can also visit Smart Painting if you need a professional painting service. They are highly skilled in painting.

Spraying the paint too thick

To achieve greater coverage, many people spray paint thicker than necessary. This can cause paint to run or get on the surface unevenly. The paint will glow like new pennies when it dries.

Spray paint can be applied in thin, even coats. You will likely need to spray paint multiple coats to achieve the best coverage.

Improper Tip For Job

The spray pattern of paint will depend on the tip you choose. Some tips can spray larger areas than others. Before you paint, make sure to test the paint on a piece of cardboard or another surface.

Splatter will form if your tip is too large. You will get more clogs if your tip is too small.

You must be able to test spray your painter before you start spraying. You can make any necessary adjustments before you begin to paint.