7 Ways To Prepare Your Child For the First Day Of Kindergarten

7 Ways To Prepare Your Child For the First Day Of Kindergarten

The first day of kindergarten is a big deal for any kid. When you were a kid, you probably remember sitting in your classroom, waiting for the teacher to arrive and wondering what would happen next. And you might remember feeling excited and nervous at the same time. 

Your child will likely experience the same emotions on their first school day. However, there are some things you can do beforehand to help make it less overwhelming for them. Keep reading.

Make Sure Your Little Champ is Ready

Some kids are ready to start kindergarten immediately, while others may need time to get used to the idea. If your child is a bit nervous about going off on their own for the first time, you might consider holding off on starting school until they’re a little older. 

That way, they can get used to being around other children and interacting with teachers before having all those new experiences in one day.

Talk to Your Child About What to Expect on the First Day

Now that you’ve made sure your child is ready for early learning kindergarten, it’s time to talk about what they can expect on their first day.

Your child will likely have these questions:

  • What time should I get up?
  • What should I wear?
  • How do I get there?
  • What will happen when we get there?
  • How long will the day last?

Be prepared to help them answer these questions and make them at ease. 

Prepare Their Morning Routine

Getting your kid used to a routine can be a great way to help them feel more comfortable on their first day of school. Make sure they know what time they need to get up and how long it takes for you to drive there so that they can plan accordingly. 

If your child is still too young, try making a sticker chart or other reward system to encourage them to get up in the morning on their own.

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Know the School Rules & Tell the Same to Your Kid

Many schools must follow rules for your child to stay safe. Make sure you know what they are and talk about them with your child to know what is expected of them. This will help prevent any misunderstandings when it comes time for the first day of school.

Prepare Your Child by Getting Them Ready Physically

Physical skills are also critical because kids will spend most of their time learning how to write correctly at kindergarten. If they aren’t used to sitting at a desk every day, it will be extremely difficult for them once they step into class – so make sure they do some workouts beforehand.

Tell Them How Teachers Will Help Them

It would help if you also let your child know what to expect from their teacher. They will be able to help with homework, reading, math, writing, and social skills. They will also be able to help them learn self-control.

Make them Comfortable

Your child may be nervous about starting school. Help them feel more comfortable by reassuring them that they will have fun and make new friends. It’s also important to remember that they may be nervous because of the unknown. They aren’t sure what to expect, so take some time with them before school starts so they can ask questions—and get answers!


As you prepare your child for their first day of school, remember that this is just the beginning of a wonderful journey. You can help them navigate those early years by preparing them socially, physically, and mentally. Please feel free to contact us if you have more questions or want to talk with a professional before your child starts his new journey.