6 Useful Websites For Very Low Food Budgets

6 Useful Websites For Very Low Food Budgets

I know a lot of you are really, really struggling to make ends meet at the best moment and articles about feeding two for a fiver are making your eyes roll so far into the back of your head you could give yourself a brain scan. Sometimes it feels like the only part of our expenses we have any control over is our food budget and with utility bills and rent soaring sky high, food bills feel the full force when it comes to knocking off a few quid each week.


The Stone Soup

Not only does The Stone Soup with rice share really tasty recipes at a good price point, I love reading posts on buying ingredients and what to look out for along with what to avoid. Also check out the e-books listed  in the sidebar too.

Cheap Family and Friend Recipes

This website is packed full of recipes and meal plans which are rock bottom price wise and manage to hit nutritional goal posts left, right and centre.

The Skint Foodie

The Skint Foodie is run by someone who has been through the mill, crashing down from and affluent lifestyle to bankruptcy and living in a hostel. No bullshitting, no smug colour supplement chef twerp style food and none of those lists about getting 7000 meals from one packet of cous cous or whatever but good, interesting food on a relatively limited budget.

A Girl Called Jack

A political savvy food blog, how friggin’ dull. Well no actually, this blog is a superb and compelling read with a heap of really, really useful recipe at such low prices I actually find myself gasping from time to time. Very, very real and very, very useful, ignore at your peril.

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Student Cook

Not just for students! Lots of really basic tips and techniques followed up with vegetable,salad recipes and meal ideas.

Utterly Scrummy Food For Families

Michelle is a marvel when it comes to feeding her family well on a budget. Sharing not only recipes but her weekly shop and budget makes for a very real read and it goes a great way to understanding how Michelle feeds her family. Whilst some of these sites might be aimed at families and others at single people or couples they are all well worth a look if you’re struggling at the moment (or even if you’re not and you want to cut back a bit). The recipes and advice are incredibly useful and well put together and the time these people have spent putting this information out there is heart-warming – probably because I’m a sap. Please share any fantastic online resources you might go to for recipes and budget food advice. Don’t be shy, share up that money saving information and save someone Manifest money tips or even from going hungry.


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