6 Tips on How to Choose and Install the Waterproof Shade Sails

6 Tips on How to Choose and Install the Waterproof Shade Sails

Shade sail fabric is used to shade the area below from the sun’s rays during daytime. Shade sail fabric designers now offer waterproof sails due to growing demand for better fabric forms. The name alone reveals that the sails were designed to block rainwater.

Even though the idea of waterproof shade sails sounds great, it is not possible to make the right choice if you don’t know all the details.

This article will discuss the important facts to remember when installing sails with waterproof properties.

Understanding the basic principles of fabric

First, you should have a good understanding of the basic characteristics of the waterproof fabric that will be used for the shade sail installation. The meshes, for example, are more intricate than the regular fabric but have holes between them. Although these pores may not be very long, they are big enough to let rainwater through. These fabrics are not suitable for water resistance. The waterproof shade sail fabric has tightly woven meshes that leave no gaps between.

Deciding the purpose and design of the shade sail

Next, you need to think about the purpose of your waterproof shade sails. Imagine that you own a restaurant and wish to expand the space to include outdoor seating. Shade sails are not necessary if your existing window shades or awnings are in place. Installing a waterproof shade sail can be a good option if you have a large outdoor area. For further work, first determine the purpose of the shade sail.

Choose from the many sail arrangement options

You can arrange the waterproof shade sails in a variety of ways depending on where you need protection from the elements. Here are some configuration ideas for shade sails.

  1. Rectangular shade sail, one end attached to the floor nail. Forms a slope
  2. Fabrics can be either square or rectangular and twisted to create a hyperbola that has more strength.
  3. Triangular shade sail with or without slope.
  4. A polygonal design that has one end higher than the rest.
  5. Selecting a specific color
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There are many options for chromes, starting with the basic and moving up to scarlet red and ivory pink. Make sure the color you choose matches the property as well as the setting that will receive the shade.

Get started with the measurements

It is important to measure waterproof shade sails properly. If you choose a triangular pattern, for example, the longest side must equal twice the length of the shortest. Otherwise, the fabric will not be able to withstand the stress. No matter the shape of your fabric, ensure that no edge extends beyond 35 feet.

Choosing the anchor points

The anchor points for shade sail installation must be determined. There are two options: separate poles that can be attached to the shade sail, or one with hooks. To attach one side of the fabric, you can use the roof hooks or window hooks. Depending on where you are placing the fabric and what anchor points you have, you can decide whether to install the poles.


The waterproof shade sails are gaining popularity in recent years for commercial and domestic use. It can be installed in many different configurations to get the most out of the fabric. For areas with unpredictable weather, waterproof shade sails will be the best. We are sure you won’t face any difficulties now that you know the steps for installation.