6 Tips for Cutting Cleaning Time in Half

6 Tips for Cutting Cleaning Time in Half

We all have to clean our homes when we’d rather spend time in the pub, shopping or with friends. The following tips will cut down the time you spend cleaning, meaning you have more time to live your life.

1. Put a layer of tinfoil under the item you are ironing. The foil will act as a conductor meaning you have to spend less time ironing. This works best with cotton items rather than delicate items.

2. Stick to the 3 minute rule.

3. Spend 15 mins a week cleaning out and organising a different drawer and make sure it is just one drawer alone. It’ll keep them clean, tidy and organised and it also means you’ll never have to do one of those huge clear out sessions that leaves you regretting it 30 minutes in.

4. Throw salt on cooking spills and spatters. They’ll be easier and quicker to clean later on.

5. Wipe and tidy as you go. Made a small mess? Clean it up now, don’t leave it until you have to clean the whole room.

6. Have your cleaning supplies dotted around the house. Keep a bucket of supplies in the bathroom, some in the kitchen and a duster near the bedrooms. Having your cleaning supplies spread throughout the house means you can grab at will and give a shelf a quick wipe down as you pass meaning cleaning doesn’t become A Big Thing.

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