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6 Things Every Car Owner Should Keep Handy



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There are certain items that every vehicle owner should keep at all times. However, having a key to the car and a spare tire in the trunk isn’t enough to keep you safe. You need to ensure that you have essential items inside your car to tackle any unexpected problems.

It is necessary to decide what items are essential and which ones do not hold value. From proper identification to repair tools, there are various things you should carry. Here is a list of fundamental items and why they are important.

1. Owner’s Manual

Your owner’s manual indicates essential information about your vehicles, such as recommended fuel and PSI levels. For example, if you purchase a Mazda CX 30 to replace your old car with a different model and make, the manual will have different instructions. If you buy a new car, ask the seller for the owner’s manual and keep it in your car at all times. 

The dealership may even be able to provide you with a digital owner’s manual. However, it is still necessary to carry a physical copy at all times. Since Mazda vehicles have up-to-date features, an owner’s manual will enable you to identify any warning lights and sounds.

2. License, Registration, and Proof of Insurance

You might have your documents lying around somewhere in your home or car. But, it is necessary to take out a few minutes to put them in your glove box safely. If you ever get pulled over to get into an accident, these documents will simplify the recovery process. 

3. Jumper Cables

If, unfortunately, your vehicle’s battery dies, it might be costly to get it towed to a repair shop. In that case, owning a jumper cable that can jumpstart your battery will be very beneficial. Jumper cables are usually cost-efficient and a convenient tool to carry to avoid unexpected costs and save time.

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4. Spare Tire, Tire Jack and Lug Wrench

Although these are three different items, there is no point in having one without the others. If your tire goes flat while you’re driving, you’ll need to pull over and change the tire. There is no guarantee that someone passing by will stop to provide you with tools, so you need to carry them with you. You will need the tire jack and lug wrench to change the tire.

5. Tire Pressure Gauge

Imagine driving on the highway late at night, and the warning sign flashes, telling you to check the tire pressure. Unfortunately, the chances are that repair shops will be closed at that time. A tire pressure gauge will enable you to measure how much air your tire lost and the amount you need to add during those items. 

6. First-Aid Kit

It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Whether someone in your vehicle gets hurt during a car ride or a repair, it is vital to stay prepared. Keep a first-aid kit handy at all times and ensure that it includes the essentials such as Band-Aids, ointments, and gloves. 

You may need to add a few things to this list based on the weather. For example, you may need a case of water for summer or an ice-scraper in the winter. But, the items above are necessary all year round and can save a lot of trouble and time if you stay prepared. 



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