6 Second Hand Christmas Gifts

6 Second Hand Christmas Gifts

If you know someone who is as into second hand and thrifty finds as you are, then why not make a pact to give each other second hand gifts this year? Not only is it great for the planet it also saves money too. Here a few examples in my life where I’ve seen people intend to give second hand gifts or I have given or received them myself.


1. Baby clothes

My friend has a newborn and has asked that if anyone wants to buy her baby a gift then she would be very grateful for some second hand baby clothes or hand me downs. She mentioned that she has a few special outfits she bought for the baby whilst pregnant but for the moment she thinks second hand and hand me downs are better options for her bodily fluid omitting off-spring. I’ve found with a bit of searching on eBay and charity shops and factoring in washing and drying I have been able to put together a lovely bundle of clothes in various sizes for the price of a couple of brand new supermarket baby outfits.

2. Furniture

If you know someone who has moved house recently or enjoys a project then why not pick out a piece of furniture for them to ‘upcycle’. My friend Alice recently let me know she wanted to buy me something from a charity shop for Christmas which she thinks will be perfect for my office. I’m seriously excited to find out what it is because that girl has really good charity shop taste.

3. Electronics

This year I’ll be giving my friend’s son my old laptop. I can’t get it to work and it would cost me more to fix it than to buy a new one. My friend’s son is a whizz at mending things and installing all kinds of whizzy bits and bobs and I know for a fact he’d relish tinkering with this laptop rather than throwing it to landfil.

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4. Cameras

Camera technology updates pretty fast and it no sooner feels like you’ve bought a great piece of kit and then an update comes out. My friend is giving her children (7 and 9) an old camera from 2006 for Christmas. It isn’t totally outdated but it isn’t something she can use readily for her job but her children will love playing with it and learning new skills plus it doesn’t have to cost her a fortune.

5. Clothes

If you know someone who is into vintage clothing why not see if you can track down something beautiful for them? It doesn’t have to be a magnificently expensive dress or suit. However you could track down an amazing 1950’s tie (my husband would love this) to go with said magnificent suit or a beautiful scarf to match an already owned coat.

6. Jewellery

There’s something so special about receiving a piece of jewellery as gift, be it cheap or expensive. Vintage and second hand jewellery can be picked up at a fraction of a cost compared to the items you can find on the high street. Scourer eBay, vintage markets and charity shops to find a beautiful ring or a brooch to give to someone with as great taste as you. It is also well worth factoring in the prices of second hand items. In some instances second hand can end up costing more if lots of repairs or resizing is required. And as always it is worth considering if you can actually afford to give a gift at all be it second hand or otherwise. Making the leap to discuss your finances with someone in order to tell them you can’t buy presents this year is often a challenging leap to make but a true friend should appreciate your situation and realise your friendship is far more valuable than any gift.

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