6 Reasons Why Prayer Is Important in Your Everyday Life

6 Reasons Why Prayer Is Important in Your Everyday Life

Prayer is known as the most important activity for self-reflection. Through prayer, one connects with God and feels security and comfort.

Moreover, the introspection involved in praying also leads one to feel grateful for his blessings which assists in achieving a positive outlook on life and surroundings.

Every one of us prays, even if some may pray differently than us. But the benefits and importance of prayers remain the same for everyone in the world.

Just like a human body needs food and water, it also needs a spiritual connection with God to feel secure and content. Several studies over the years have shown prayer to play a leading role in helping one in achieving physical, spiritual, and psychological benefits.

In this article, we will be discussing the 6 reasons why prayer is important in everyday life.

Physical Benefits

1. Prayer Helps Manage Stress

Dr. Roberta Lee, in her 2018 book, The Superstress Solution, reported that ”Heart patients were 14% more likely to die following surgery if they didn’t practice religion.” She also reported that ”people who are more religious tend to become depressed less often. And when they do become depressed, they recover more quickly.”

This valuable data reported in the book by the renowned author briefly highlights several benefits of praying. Chronic stress and depression are known to be harmful to one’s physical health. The conditions can cause sleep problems, autoimmune diseases, heart disease, weight problems, and more.

However, in times like these, prayer helps people shift their focus and hope towards God. As human beings, we need something or someone to fall back on at times when everything else feels deprived of hope. If we don’t have a sense of security, it can have distressing effects on our physical and mental well-being,

Therefore, developing a habit of praying can help us shift our focus from our problems towards God and his ability to help us anytime and anywhere. Our relationships, jobs, and problems are important, but nothing is more important than He who created us and the universe.

2. Mind-Body-Spirit Connection

Our body, mind, and spirit are connected. When one is in distress, it equally impacts the others. But lucky for us, prayer has been to provide for all three. When prayer helps us feel calm and content, it causes the release of cortisol and other hormones. This, in turn, reduces the unwanted effect of stress on our immune system and helps us relax.

Moreover, prayer can also cause us to feel gratitude, compassion, hope, and happier. All of these emotions help us heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Other physical benefits of prayer include good hygiene. Certain religions such as Islam, Buddhism, and Judaism require their followers to perform ablution at certain times of the day or year. This helps maintain good hygiene and keeps harmful diseases and bacteria away, helping in maintaining good physical health.

Psychological Benefits of Prayer

3. Prayer Helps Reduce Anger & Aggression

A study conducted in 2011 concluded that prayer helped reduce feelings of anger and aggression in people. In the experiment, participants either thought about a stranger or prayed for one; one of the strangers had been made to insult the participants, and the other was a friend going through an illness. It was found that members who were in the prayer group experienced less anger and aggression after they were provoked.

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Moreover, CNN health reported that the coauthor of the 2011 study, Ohio State University’s Bushman said that prayer assists people in seeing dangerous or distressing situations from a different and fresh perspective which we consider a necessity when going through hardships.

Moreover, the coauthor of the 2011 study also said that prayer led people to behave the opposite from the flight or fight response. Instead of focusing on the external world when in danger, prayer helped people focus internally to remain calm and peaceful.

4. Helps Fight Addiction & Resist Temptation

It is a well-known fact that regularly praying keeps many people away from harmful and immoral deeds. But prayer can also help people fight addiction and resist temptation. Studies have shown that alcoholics are less tempted to drink alcohol after praying. Moreover, those who don’t pray are also likely to drink more.

When we pray, we have deep and meaningful conversations with God. We tell Him our struggles, and we tell him about our triumphs. And over time, when we develop a habit of praying and talk to God, we eventually realize He is always there and watching over us. Even in our struggles.

This helps reduce feelings of loneliness and also helps us realize there is nothing we can’t achieve without God by our side. So, instead of overthinking about our addictions and temptations, we focus our energy on praying.

Spiritual Benefits of Prayer

5. Makes one God-conscious

When one prays regularly, he is constantly reminded of the presence of God with him at all times. This not only provides him with feelings of hopefulness and content, but it can also lead to him feeling fear of God in this heart.

This enables one to stay away from bad deeds and everything else that may be forbidden for him. This increases one’s awareness of God and leads one to feel positive emotions such as a sense of achievement.

6. Maintains Discipline

When we leave every work and chore for the day to turn to God and pray by following a specific method of prayer, it increases our discipline in life. Moreover, prayer also prevents people from committing sins and doing the immortal and instead leads us to perform good deeds that also benefit others. For example, religious people are more likely to give charities.

In today’s world, religious groups have come forward to give to charities through organizing fundraisers and even through certain mobile applications. For example, Muslims Pro, an Islamic app by Muslims, works with UNICEF to provide education for underprivileged children, and Givelify is a leading platform for nonprofits and Churches to collect donations online.

All in all, there’s no doubt prayer helps us become better human beings and is beneficial for communities as a whole. We hope you find our article useful and can connect with God to be the best version of you as soon as possible!¬†