5 Ways To Reuse Dryer Sheets + One More Tip

5 Ways To Reuse Dryer Sheets + One More Tip

I can’t ever remember having bought dryer sheets and yet there they are in my utility room and I’ve refused to use them for years and years because they seem so wasteful. That is until my friend Andrea told me about the ways she reuses them after they’ve had a spin in her tumble dryer.

Andrea’s 5 ways to reuse dryer sheets

1. If you use a Swiffer/microfibre floor cleaner type contraption or similar, then used dryer sheets make a great one use Swiffer cloth.

2. If you get the dreaded static clinic in your home then using a used dryer sheet to wipe down your TV and electrical equipment will leave static prone areas dust-free. One sheet will do this same task 10-20 times before heading toward the bin.

3. Rub over deodorant marks on clothes with a dryer sheet and they mark will lift off the fabric almost automatically.

4. Rub down shower screens and bathroom tiles to remove limescale or soap scum.

5. Shine up chrome in an instant.

My tip – Grout in between floor tiles a bit dusty? Yep, it’s that kind of dust which becomes a sloppy solution of crap once you mop it and a vacuum cleaner never quite picks it all up. A quick whizz over with an old dryer wipe should take the bulk of the dust-out. This won’t work for ground in the dirt but it works a marvel in getting fresh dust out of fiddly places.

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