5 Ways to Make Your Shoes Last Longer

The average American family spends about $388 a year on shoes. It may not sound like a lot, but remember, this is an average — that means some families pay much more. 

Spending that much on shoes is a needless expense that can easily be removed from the budget. Doing so just requires a bit of knowledge about how to take care of shoes. Like any other product, routine maintenance helps improve the lifespan of a pair of shoes.

How To Make Your Shoes Last Longer

What exactly does this routine maintenance involve? Check out the 5 tips below to find out. 

  1. Pre-Treat and Protect 

Although leather, suede, and fabric make fashionable shoes, they are often the most susceptible to damage. Water and stain protectors can help make these kinds of shoes last longer. Shoe whitener is another useful product that can come in handy when dealing with stains.

The most effective protectors use nanotechnology to shield your shoes from water and other stains. The should not discolor the shoes, but always make sure to check first before spraying. 

Even with protectant spray, it’s always wise to avoid rainy or snowy days in suede, leather, or fabric shoes. 

  1. Protective Soles

For a small fee, a professional cobbler can add a protective half-sole to any shoe to greatly extend its life. 

This protective sole is thin and made of rubber, and can come in a variety of colors to make them more discreet. Not only will these protect the sole, but even make the shoes more non-slip. 

  1. Proper Storage

Most people just throw off their shoes as soon as they get home. However, a better routine would be to place shoe inserts inside the shoe to protect its shape. 

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Cedar shoe inserts are popular as the wood helps absorbs the dampness from foot sweat. Even better — place the shoes in a breathable bag or shoebox to protect against dust, scratches, and direct sunlight.

  1. Moisturize Leather

Leather is so beautiful, but it can really be a pain. Not only is it sensitive to rain and snow, but it dries out easily. To keep leather good lasting long, they need to be moisturized.

Specialized leather conditioners are best for this. Don’t try to apply the same lotion you use after a bath. 

  1. Shoe Rotation

An easy way to prevent shoes from dying too quickly is to rotate them. Even though everyone has a favorite pair, it’s not wise to wear them every day. Shoes need time to dry out or they fall apart faster. 

How to Take Care of Shoes

These 5 tips are just the beginning of how to take care of shoes. There are other protective measures that a professional cobbler can add to your favorite pair to extend their life. For example, toe taps are great protections for shoes with pointy toes. They’re cheap and will prevent the vulnerable toes from wearing out. 

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