5 Things Worth Picking Up While Queuing At Primark

5 Things Worth Picking Up While Queuing At Primark

When you’re in that giant queue at Primark you’re teased and taunted by the huge clear bowls of junky looking items dotted along the taped off rows. Some of those items are junk with a big old capital but some aren’t so junky after all and are bargains in the making.

Primark Checkout Queue

1. Sunglasses
Their sunglasses tend to range from £1 to £3 and I’ve never had a pair fail me. They are strangely sturdy and come in about a bazillion different styles. More often than not they also come with a free small slip case which stops scratches when you chuck them in the bottom of your handbag.

2. Exfoliating gloves
Their exfoliating gloves are pretty decent and wash really well. They come in a variety of colours and cost £1 per pair and they don’t unravel at the wrist like some do.

3. Eyelash curlers
My eyelash curlers recently broke so I bought these out of sheer desperation but thankfully they’re pretty damn good. They only set me back £1 and I have to say they’re great for applying a bit of controlled pressure to your lashes.

4. Frill trimmed ankle socks
I tend to really hate the multipack socks in Primark because the quality has gone down hill rapidly since I’ve been buying them. However their single pairs of socks with little frills around the top are much nicer, with better fabrics, thicker weave and just an all round better construction. These look cute with a pair of brogues and come in a variety of different patterns. They cost £1.50 a pair and come in various patterns and colours. These are always situated beside the queue and well worth throwing into your basket.

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5. Toothbrushes
A 5 pack of toothbrushes costs only 75p in Primark! Amazing. I pick up a packet of these on a regular basis to give to food banks or the charity box at my local church. I also find it really useful to have some stowed away for a guest who may have forgotten their toothbrush.