5 Mascaras Under £5

5 Mascaras Under £5

I’m the owner of stumpy little eyelashes and as such I’m a mascara fiend and let me tell you now, I’ve spent a lot of time seeking out good value, budget friendly mascaras – lashtensive research, if you will. Here are 5 mascaras I love, all under £5.


This mascara pulls no punches, it delivers volume with just one coat and two coats will give you fat, lashes in a instant. Along with volume I’ve found the lasting power of this mascara to be pretty damn impressive, with wear time before smudging or flaking averaging around 12 hours. When it comes to consistency this mascara is right in the middle ground, it isn’t to thick and clumpy but it also isn’t so runny you have to dedicate 4 hours to applying it. I love how buildable this mascara is and not only is it buildable at the time of initial application but you’re also able to go back and add more later in the day without feeling like you’re ripping your eyelids off.

What can I say? This mascara is a great basic and applied correctly it definitely adds a bit of lift, if not curl. It adds definition to the eye area without being false looking. This is a great mascara for work or even school as it looks like your eyelashes are naturally amazing and have had no assistance at all. I love how this mascara gives lift, curl and shine whilst looking totally and utterly natural. It is also perfect for taming eyebrows. I wouldn’t be without it. MUA’s Lash Boom* comes with an odd shaped brush with a ball on end but once you get the angle right you’ll find it is incredibly useful for adding volume and length. This mascara lasts me around 8-9 hours with only minimal flaking and is when faced with a huge rain storm last week, despite not being billed as a waterproof formula it acted as such. This is the perfect night out mascara for those of us keeping an eye on the pennies.

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Types of Mascara:

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  • Purple mascara
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