5 Best Ways to Keep Your Lawn Beautiful!

5 Best Ways to Keep Your Lawn Beautiful!

If you are like any average common person, your lawn would be your most favourite place in the entire home! From relaxing, to the early morning shoeless walk and the evening playtime with kids and pets, a lawn can be the most refreshing area to unwind and rejuvenate! Even your guests love enjoying their parties and snacks on it when you call them. And remember that early morning view from your bedroom opening into the ravishingly beautiful looking lawn? In a nutshell, you get all the positive vibes when you gaze at your lawn!

But when the same lawn isn’t kept well and looks dull, does it sound appealing to you to spend quality time here? Would you still host your party here and will that happiness still linger around your lawn? Will you trust the space to be the ideal play area for your little ones and pets? Surely not! An ugly looking lawn isn’t just unpleasant and depressing, but also unsafe for kids. These can become a home for insects and small animals, and even wild grass, which can be very harmful to you and the little ones (and your furry family too!). That is why it’s important to keep your lawn clean, fresh and beautiful always.

How can you make your lawn look charming always?

Caring for a lawn isn’t an easy task. But, it’s essential to make at least some effort from our side to maintain its natural beauty and amazing ambience. Read below some of the ways through which you can keep your lawns attractive and magnificent always:

  • Hire a professional lawn mowing company —Your lawn would look beautiful when it’s kept perfectly and maintained well. This is something that needs a lot of time and effort from your side. If you can’t manage these two things, your lawn is bound to miss its much needed charm. That is why you can opt for professionals who are an expert in lawn mowing. These companies offering the service of lawn mowing in Lower Hutt like Select Lawn Mowing can take care of your lawn really well,  trimming it to perfection and keeping it flourished with the essential needs. They tend to be experienced and knowledgeable about it and know what kind of care your lawn demands. Plus they have all the best quality tools and equipment required for the same. Thus they have a penchant for making your lawn look more attractive.
  • Aerate your lawn — Lawn aeration means punching holes on your lawn of about some inches deep. It’s because of regular lawn aeration, you give your grass a proper medium to grow in, along with loose soil and an improved air circulation. It’s through aerating the grass makes better use of water and nutrients. Apart from this, even  micro-organisms establish in the soil and break down any thatch that gets built. There are different ways in which you can aerate your lawn, by renting a large aerating machine or just utilising a plain handheld aerating tool. Most homeowners having small to medium sized lawns prefer a handheld aerating tool to carry out the task. You should go for aerating your lawn once a year for better results.
  • Water your lawn deeply — Just sprinkling water on your entire lawn, or not completely carrying out this process, won’t do any justice to your lawn. You need to water them thoroughly so that water seeps inside deeply in the grass, making it stronger. Grass that is provided with ample water stays greener and fresher for longer even during extreme summers. Also, remember the best time to water your grass is in the morning.
  • Use natural fertilisers — Fertilising your lawn is an extremely essential step to make it look greener and keep it fresh always. A regularly fertilised lawn hardly ever shows signs of drying. But we recommend using natural fertilisers instead of synthetic ones,as these fertilisers produce greener grass as compared to the synthetic ones, and are safe for you and your family.
  • Ensure to keep your lawn pest free — With grasses and soil, the occurrence of pests is normal. These pests can make your life at the outdoors hell, especially during the night time. They will also eat up your grass and even leaves of the plants in the lawn, spoiling its beauty. Stopping them is mandatory! Go for regularly treating your lawn with pesticides to avoid any such kinds of infestation. 
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If you follow these simple steps, we are sure your lawns are going to look fabulous and you’ll enjoy relaxing on it all the more!