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20 Uses For Tictac Containers Something Of Nothing


Bonjour, Salut and all the type of thing, today on this strangely sunny (and yet supposed-to-turn-incredibly-rainy-later-on) Monday morning I bring to you many ways to reuse a TicTac Toe candy container – hold on to your seats, this shiz just got real.

As you probably know I like to reuse and recycle items which most people would probably throw away, I see it as making something of nothing. If an item is regularly tossed into the rubbish and seen as a nothing-y piece of packaging or waste product and you manage to give it a brand new lease of life as a hard working item in your home then you, in my mind at least, are making something out of nothing.


1. Store paper clips

2. Corral together spare keys

3. Keep dog treats stowed neatly in your pocket

4. Store kirby grips/bobby pins

5. Pop your earrings in them when going on holiday. It keeps them neatly stored and you can see exactly what you have.

6. Curl a piece of ribbon and pop inside the container, leave the tail end hanging out of the lid so you can pull on it to cut off the desired amount.

7. Store beads and jewellery making supplies.

8. Divide your buttons by colour or type and store in individual containers.

9. Pop your pencil sharpener inside and use the mini container to catch any mess.

10. Keep needles and pins safely store and organised.

11. Fill with items such as coins, an emergency phone number, elastic band and safety pin incase of an emergency.

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12. A great little place to keep the scraps of string you often get with gifts and on wrapping – these scraps often come in useful at some stage in the future.

13. Keep your earphones safely stowed in a big TicTacs container so they don’t become a jumbled mess.

14. If you need spare batteries when you’re travelling you can easily pop a couple into a container to keep them neatly stored.

15. I like to mix together a bit of foundation and moisturiser (to get a paler shade) by popping a few squirts of each into a clean Tic Tac container and giving it a good shake. It isn’t perfect by any means however it is perfect if you’re on the go or travelling.

16. The perfect little pot to store gift tags and labels of a variety of size in this large box.

17. If you’re into nail art, these little containers are perfect for storing lots of small decorations and even prepared pieces.

18. A lovely little dispenser for glitter.

19. If you buy cake sprinkles etc. in small plastic bags, you’ll find these huge containers a little more sturdy.

20. A great place to mix loose pigments and eyeshadows.

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