2 Things to remember while planning a trip

2 Things to remember while planning a trip

Everyone knows that each one of us was bored by staying at home for so many months, everyone wants to visit any place except their home. The best solution for this problem is planning a trip. Now you have lots of questions in your mind, where to go, where to live, and most importantly how to manage a budget. If you want to go with friends then you take days to choose a place and sometimes you end up canceling the trip. If you plan a trip with family then the different choices end into quarrels. Yes, planning a trip is not easy you need to have proper guidance for it.  

  • Best planning of Jaipur Trip

Day 1: Let’s consider that you have reached Jaipur early in the morning that is 7 to 7:30 am or maybe you had reached in the night. You can spend your Holiday Inn Jaipur City Centre. In your 2-days trip you at least one you should visit Rawat Mishtann Bhandar for breakfast. You will enjoy here the delicious food of Jaipur. After eating your breakfast from Panipat goes to the City Palace, there are two places named Jantar Mantar and Hawa Mahal where you should visit. It will take a maximum of 3 hours to cover these places. There are many ways to reach the city palace from Panipat such as bus, auto-rickshaw, and many more. The best way is you can rent a car or bike; it will save your money as well as you will enjoy yourself a lot. You can remember these things for all the places, as all the main attractions are far away from each other. When you reach to city palace you will have to pay the entry fee of 150-200 rupees, approx. 50-50 rupees entry fee for Jantar Mantar and Hawa Mahal respectively. Try to finish it by 1:30 pm then you can eat your lunch at any good restaurant near the city palace. After lunch, you can do shopping as there are places like Jahauri Bajar and Bapu Bajar are nearer. If you love shopping then after lunch you can complete your shopping till 5:30 pm then you can visit Albert hall museum where you can enjoy the beautiful light show. After that eat your dinner and give yourself some rest to enjoy the 2nd day. This is one option for all shopping lovers. After lunch just takes a stroll in the markets for half an hour and then you can cover watching Galtaji and Birla Mandir, both these places are 5 and 10 kilometers away from the city center respectively. If you want to cover these places then you have to leave at 2:30 from the city center first, visit Galtaji and then Birla Mandir. Try to complete both these places by 6 pm and then come to Albert Hall Museum. After that, you can complete your shopping. You can also visit the zoo which is nearer to the museum. Then you can rest. 

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Day 2: Try to finish your breakfast as fast as you can, then you can visit the Amer Fort which is 12 kilometers away from the city center. When you will reach Amer Fort you can enjoy an Elephant ride but it is available till 12:30 pm and the charge for it is 550 rupees per person. Here entry charge to visit Shish Mahal and other attractive places in the Amer Fort is 100 rupees. Enjoy Amer fort for 2-3 hours. Shri Jagadshiromani temple, Panna Mina Kund these two places are 500 and 1 kilometer away from Amer fort. You can enjoy several things at a time. Then you can visit Jaigarah fort it is situated on the mountain famously known as the Hill of Eagles. You can watch beautiful ancient places and marvelous views from this Fort. Try to make yourself free till 3 or 3:30 pm. Then you can visit Nahargarh fort. This will end your 2-day trip.

 The charges mentioned here are approximate they can be varied. 

  • Some tips and tricks for online hotel booking

Wherever you go you spend most of your money on the place where you are staying. When you visit a new place you have to look for a hotel unless and until if some of your relatives live in that same place. Jokes apart, whenever you go on a trip one of the big tasks is booking the hotel. There are few important things you should always keep in mind while choosing a hotel. Wherever you will stay for 8 to 10 days you will have to pay 8 to 10 thousand according to the days and type of hotel. Hotel is a big task of your funding in trip planning. One most important thing while booking the hotel you should remember is to book the hotel as soon as you can. Try to avoid delay. 

The more you wait the more you will have to pay for the hotel as rates start increasing. You can do the booking from any of your favorite websites. Nowadays hotels don’t ask you to pay the stay amount at the time of booking, you can pay later. You can reserve that hotel and later if you found a good deal then you can cancel your reservation. After booking the hotel don’t relax with a mindset that your work has been done, continue your checking for other deals. Keep on checking offers and benefit yourself with the offers and bonuses that are available online. This will save you money. If you went to Jaipur you can spend your Holiday Inn Jaipur City Centre. Always check the location of your hotel in the Google map, to avoid extra money for traveling. Look at the transportation service, how much you will have to pay for transport from your hotel and choose the hotel accordingly. Depending on your budget choose the hotel wisely and nicely, So that you will spend a good and stress-free vacation.