1990s Revival

1990s Revival

or…Fancy Dress to Frugal Fashion

I’m all about making my wardrobe work for me, if a piece isn’t working with the other items it is out – I’m quite strict about it. This long black dress was actually part of my ‘Madonna in the Frozen video’ fancy dress costume (I also had birds floating around my head, hair extensions, contact lenses and henna tattoos…it was awesome) which I wore to a 90s themed party a couple of years ago and it had been buried in my fancy dress box ever since.I was just about to send it to the folks at my local charity shop but something was making me keep it. That something was the fact that I had a long-ish black dress as a teenager in the 1990s which could lend itself to just about any outfit…maybe there was a good reason for not sending it away to the charity shop just yet.

Taking my lead from the reemerging 90s trends (crop tops, neon, grunge), not directly from Madonna this time, I layered a baggy, cropped jumper and flannel shirt over my dress (and several layers under in order to keep warm) and teamed with big boots, black eyeliner and a beanie. I might hunt down some hair mascara, Rimmel Heather Shimmer lipstick or a mood ring later.What I woreLong black dress, £1, thriftedSilver top, £4, H&M salePurple tights, £1, New Look saleBrown boots, £5, New Look saleNeon yellow necklace, 50p, thrifted
Blue check flannel shirt, £1.50, thrifted
Red hat, ancient

Out and about in Manchester
And yeah, as if people are hosting 90s parties? Wasn’t it 1997 about three weeks ago?

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