10 Uses for Nail Polish

10 Uses for Nail Polish

Well, y’know how you’ve got some nail varnish sitting in your drawer and it’s not really doing much apart from decorating your nails? Shall we make it work for you?

1. I find some best cheap jewellery or even the metal buttons on jeans can make my skin turn green. A thin coat of clear matte nail varnish on the underside helps no end.

2. If I struggle to thread a needle I paint the end of the thread with clear nail varnish, rub the thread between my fingers so it dries then I find it slips through much easier.

3. Colour code your keys by painting each one a different colour. I mentioned this in my post last year.

4. I paint the bottom of my metal storage canisters with clear nail varnish. This laundry powder tin got very rusty in our old house and ended up leaving orange marks on the kitchen counter, which were VERY hard to budge. A heavy coat on already rusted items should stop further transfer and a light coat on items which have the potential to rust, should keep them rust free for a long time.

5. When I make homemade cleaning solutions I tend to do so in the same bucket, so I’ve marked out the measurements with a couple of brightly coloured nail varnishes. That way I can make them super fast, by sight without weighing and measuring things out.

6. Mr Thrifty adds a teeny, tiny dab of clear nail polish to the screws on his glasses to prevent them popping out.

7. Paint over the thread (on the inside of your clothes) which holds your button on. This should stop the thread unravelling and you losing a button.

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8. Got frayed shoe laces? Dip the ends into nail polish (choose from clear or the colour of your choice) and allow to dry thoroughly. The ends will be neatly sealed.

9. I save all of my lolly pop sticks and use them to identify plants. I give the tips a good coat with clear nail varnish so my writing doesn’t wash away in the hardcore Manchester rain because even the most hardcore of permanent marker can’t stand up to that..

10. Ever managed to buy a packet of envelopes which just won’t seal? I’ve some how landed myself with 350 of the blimming things. Not wanting to throw them away, I seal them with a quick dot or two of nail polish. Have you got any useful uses for nail varnish, y’know apart from slapping them on your fingers and toes?

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