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10 Unique Cake Ideas for Your Son’s 1st Birthday


Can a birthday be thought to celebrate or not over a lip-smacking birthday cake? I think not. So, be it, that one is turning a year older or 100 years old, a birthday cake is as much needed as it is needed to celebrate a birthday in the first place. A birthday without a proper birthday cake will be just a meeting. And we don’t want that to turn a special day into a boring, bummer kind of day. Talking about how firsts are special, we need to have some innovative cake ideas to celebrate Lil ones’ first birthday. As any merry occasions need a cake to grace the special occasion and to call it a show-stopping event, so does your son’s 1st birthday. So, here are a few unique cake ideas to treat your munchkin over. 

    1. Number 1 cake – Something like this cake is sure to even amaze your guests and make it a special day for your birthday kid. Number cakes are fancy and can be easily customised from any local or online bakery, as per the milestone we are about to cross as well as the flavour, it must incorporate. Topped up with some freshly chopped seasonal fruits, meringue, chocolates and much more of goodness’s, a number one cake is sure to mark this special milestone in the best possible manner. 
    2. Photo Cake – Remember that day when you did a photo shoot for your son and he looked absolutely adorable? Doesn’t it just feel like yesterday he entered your life, making you feel super blessed? Yes, time flies real quick! Get your favourite picture from that photo shoot and get a photo cake to grace his first-ever super special birthday. When he grows older, he will absolutely love you for celebrating his birthday in the most dreamy manner. 
    3. Superhero Cake – Since the day he has entered your life, your life has changed for the better. So, believe it or not, he is the real superhero of your life. He is an angel-in-disguise who made all your wishes come true since the day he has arrived. So choose a Spider-Man, Batman, Superman, Superwoman, Captain America, Iron Man, Thor or a Hulk cake to commemorate his first birthday.
    4. Car cake – Little boys or toddlers have always a thing for fancy Hot Wheels toys or toy cats in general. So, replicate his favourite toy car into a pound of happiness as you get a birthday cake customised for his 1st birthday. Trust us, he is gonna love it as he cuts the cake murmuring “Vroom! Vroom!” in gibberish.
    5. Mickey Mouse Cake – If his days begin with “Miska, Muska, Mickey Mouse” then you shouldn’t have any doubts with what you need to treat him over with on his first birthday. Well, if you guessed we are hinting at a lovely fondant mickey mouse cake, then you are absolutely right. Seeing Mickey his favourite character to grace this special occasion, he is sure to be left “Wow”. You baby will be overjoyed.
    6. Fresh Fruit Cake – It’s time to treat your baby over something he chose is 100% nutritious or healthy – his favourite fruit. Incorporate his favourite fruit, be it mango or cherries in the batter as well as in the frosting to treat him with a birthday cake, that he has dreamt of but isn’t quite older to speak of it. May he have a happy yet healthy birthday over a nutritious yet yummy cake as this.
    7. Blue Coloured Cake – If pink is the colour of girls then blue is meant for every boy. Hence, a blue coloured cake will be perfect for your baby boy’s first birthday. You can look for a blue ornate cake or an ombre-frosted cake to call the cake the star attraction of the party!
    8. Jungle Themed Cake – Every little one is fascinated with the jungle and its beautiful creatures like a lion, tiger, monkey, elephant, giraffe and much more. So bring the jungle in his birthday cake and we bet he is going to love the feeling of his dear jungle friends coming over to wish him a very happy birthday.
    9. Unicorn Cake – An unicorn is a fictional creature which symbolizes magic and happiness. So if you want these two factors to be added on your baby boy’s birthday then grace this special milestone over a unicorn cake. To make it seem more appealing you can customise it into a rainbow coloured unicorn cake.
    10. Teddy Bear Cake – Every Lil baby loves to play with a plush teddy bear. Teddy bear becomes his awwdorable friend who gives free hugs and cuddles to him. So have a real blast by customising his teddy friend into his birthday cake for his 1st birthday. Seeing his buddy sitting over the cake, he will be overjoyed.
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So, these were 10 unique cake ideas for your son’s 1st birthday. You can choose to bake it or get it delivered from some online reputed bakery which would extend its cake delivery in Delhi, Gurgaon or any place of this world, where you are residing. 


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