10 Things Ive Done Week Non Thrifty People Find Weird

10 Things Ive Done Week Non Thrifty People Find Weird

Nothing in my thrifty realms is that revolutionary but sometimes my non-thrifty friends catch me doing certain things and stop in their tracks and ask WTF I’m doing.

1. Not tied the plastic fruit bags in the supermarket so I can use them again at home for lunch bags.

2. Mended a cheap pair (99p, I think) of sunglasses with a mini tool kit I got inside a Christmas cracker, rather than throw them away.

3. Cleaned my washing machine (read my blog post about this topic here.)

4. Cut open my suncream tube to get out the last of the product.

5. Got excited about the appearance of wild garlic in our local area – I’ll be foraging this weekend!

6. Rummaged through my outside recycling bin to find a £5 off supermarket voucher from the local paper.

7. Used the back of old envelopes to write lists rather than waste a page from a note pad.

8. Saved the butter packaging paper to grease baking tins or cooking pans.

9. Hand-washed my bra – they last much longer, perform better and the wire doesn’t escape into your washing machine, requiring an expensive visit from a plumber. This one baffled my friends the most.

10. Made stock (and froze it) from vegetable peelings.

None of these things seem outlandish, unusual or y’know drink-your-own-urine territory and yet they have all faced some questioning and a degree of astonishment. Most of these things just seem like common sense to me.

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