10 Non-Invasive Techniques to You Help Ease Pain

10 Non-Invasive Techniques to You Help Ease Pain

At times the pain you feel has a specific purpose. It alerts you about an injury, illness, or anything else that might be wrong, like a sprained ankle. 

However, when your pain stays for weeks or even months, it starts to cause unnecessary suffering and interferes with your quality of life. Whether it’s chiropractic care, neuropathy treatment, or yoga, different techniques, and treatment programs can help ease your pain, depending on your condition. 

However, before trying any new pain relief method make sure you consult your doctor and ensure it suits your condition. That said, if your pain has overstayed its welcome, you can try different non-invasive treatment options that can bring you some comfort. Let’s look at ten techniques you can use to help your better control as well as reduce the pain, without an invasive procedure or even medication.

Cold and heat method 

This technique might be one of the most commonly used around the household to ease the pain. This tried and tested method can work for relieving pain from certain types of injuries. You can easily practice this method at home with an ice and hot pack. However, in case this doesn’t do the trick, you can also try and ask your chiropractor or physical therapist for their version of this pain relief technique. They may help penetrate deeper into muscles and tissues where you are experiencing pain. 


Any exercise or physical activity can make an impact in interrupting the vicious cycle of pain you are experiencing. It can also play a crucial role in helping reduce mobility that results due to some chronic conditions like fibromyalgia and arthritis. 

If you are new to exercising, you might want to start with some gentle aerobic activities like swimming, cycle, and even walking and slowly level up your intensity. 

Physical therapy and occupational therapy 

These two treatment options under the supervision of a professional can be among the few staunchest techniques in your efforts for some pain relief. Your physical therapist will be able to guide you through a range of exercises that are specifically designed to preserve and improve your body and muscle strength and mobility. Whereas, an occupational therapist enables you to learn an innovative or optimized way for performing a number of daily activities so that they don’t aggravate your pain or interfere with your normal life routine.

Natural pain killers 

You can also turn to nature for a different type of pain that one is likely to face in their regular like such as toothache, backache, and headache. You can use different herbs and spices with great health benefits and pain relief properties that can help treat inflammation and other conditions. 

Willow bark, a bark from different varieties of the willow tree, can help ease inflammation that is a common cause of aches and pains.  It can also help ease some discomfort caused by headaches and low back pain. Turmeric and cloves are two spices that you can use for their health benefits and properties to ease pain like stomach aches, toothaches and even to treat cold.

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Mind-body technique 

Practicing some mind-body techniques can be great to experience calm and relax your nerves when you are in pain and in turn feel some ease from pain. These techniques include mindfulness, meditation, and breathing exercises. They help you get a sense of control over your body and condition and better manage your pain, the absence of which can at times make the chronic muscle pain and tension worse.

Yoga and tai chi 

These two types of exercises and meditation include practicing breathing techniques, physical postures, and gentle movements to stretch and strengthen your muscles. Yoga and tai chi help a lot of people manage pain caused due to a number of different conditions like headaches, lingering injuries, and arthritis. 

Yoga and tai chi promote overall mental and physical well-being and help you relax and stay calm, which can make the whole experience of being in pain some of else painful. 


This method to ease pain involves learning relaxation and breathing exercises by using a biofeedback machine. Biofeedback uses the data about your physiological functions like blood pressure and heart rate and turn them into insightful visual cues like a blinking light, a graph, or an animation. 

Watching and having control over how the visual cues modify tends to give you a sense of control over your body’s response to pain. This method is worth trying if it helps to even calm your senses and helps you better manage your pain. 

Music Therapy 

For some people., music can help them relieve pain during or post-surgery and even while childbirth. The soothing effect of music can be very effective for some people to help them relax and stay calm during any painful experience like surgery or childbirth. Classical music tends to particularly work well when it comes to helping people by easing their pain. However, you can try any genre that you enjoy or that can help distract you from pain or the discomfort it causes. 

Therapeutic massage 

Massage goes beyond your spa and salon trip and can mean more than just a beauty treatment. Beyond self-indulgence, therapeutic massages are very relaxing and they tend to help ease pain by working the tension out of your body, muscles, and joints. It can be very effective in helping you relieve the stress from a long day or anxiety you might be feeling, primarily by creating sensations that are stronger or can distract the pain signals.

Chiropractic care 

Chiropractic care is an alternative medicine treatment that uses hands-on spinal adjustments and other methods to help treat different conditions including helping ease pain by addressing the underlying cause of the symptom. Your chiropractor can help achieve proper alignment of your body’s musculoskeletal structure, specifically the spinal cord, which allows the body to heal itself without needing medication or even surgery. Chiropractic care is an effective technique for various types of pain like neck pain, low-back pain, whiplash, and shoulder pain.