10 Moving Hacks for Your Best Move

Moving to a new house or apartment is always an exciting moment full of warm recollections and overwhelming joy. Such a life-changing event will definitely make a mark on your life, and that is why relocation should always be planned thoroughly. Truth be told, the very process of moving is quite exhausting and less joyful, but everyone should go through it to embark on a new stage of life.

If you have had moving experience before, you probably know all the trials and tribulations awaiting at every stage of this comprehensive process. For complete beginners, who are going to break the new ground, moving might seem a complete nightmare to be dealt with. However, both groups have something in common: they lack experience. Sometimes, it is pretty important to step back and look at the problem from the outside. Then, you will be able to build a decent strategy or find out where you dropped major clangers in the past. 

Today, you have a great chance to get to know more about the process of moving and learn some super handy moving hacks that will make your relocation even easier than shooting fish in a barrel. So, let’s get started!

Moving House Tips

  1. Plan it to a tee

Planning every phase of moving does not fit into the “hacks” category, but here is the sad truth behind it. Many people set this vital step at naught for no particular reason. Well, it may be justifiable if your house or apartment is not large, and thus you do not have many items to move. In any other case, do your best to plan your move as precisely as possible.

  1. Lighten your load

You will be surprised, but there is plenty of things you should get rid of before you move. Old stuff, broken hardware, and furniture that you no longer need are just some of them. Not only will you redeem from remnants of the past, but you will also spare some money on transportation. 

  1. Take photos

Not for Instagram, of course. You need photos to locate your belongings in a new place the same way they were located before. You must have had this feeling when you look at something, be it a new design of your room or even a new haircut, and it feels like something is missing. This happens when you compare two things that look different.

  1. Do not buy boxes, find them

Cardboard boxes are a complete waste of money. You can find tons of spare boxes at the nearest grocery or convenience store. Stores won’t need them anyway, so it is better to put them to good use one more time. However, old boxes won’t work if you are moving something fragile and valuable. In such a case, you do need new and durable boxes.

  1. Look for alternatives when packing

Bubble wrap is good, but towels, sheets, pieces of the carton, and clothes are even better. This hack will save you a lot of money, but do not get too enthusiastic. When it comes to moving a TV, a computer, and other items that can be easily damaged in transit, use only quality packing materials.

  1. Hire a moving company long beforehand

Hiring local movers is one of the most essential things because managers can answer all troubling questions and guide you in the right direction. In this case, it is better early than sorry, so reach out to them as soon as possible.

  1. The measure is the pleasure

Before you move, you need to be sure that your new place of residence has enough space for every piece of furniture you are going to bring with you. Take measurements of all doorways and stairways. If the worst comes to the worst, be ready to watch a show called ‘Angry movers trying to maneuver furniture.’

  1. Corners & gaps are your enemies

Always pay close heed to the corners and gaps. These are two minor yet insidious things that can make your move a mess. Be sure to fill in the gaps with padding materials (see hack 5 above) and protect corners with special cardboard corner protectors.

  1. Your artworks want extra care

Moving fine art is a different story. Paintings and other art pieces need extra care, and you should give it to them if you do not want your precious artworks to end up being irreparably damaged. It is strongly recommended that you hire specialized fine art movers or deal with a company providing professional white glove moving services.

  1. Use smart packing techniques

There are lots of so-called “smart packing techniques” that you can easily find on the Internet. Most of them offer qualitatively new approaches to packing all sorts of items when you plan a move. These include accessories, furniture, small and large objects, and even art. But again, be rather cautious with art and let real professionals do it for you.

Now you are ready! It is time to use these hacks in practice. Moving is a complex process, so you will need complex solutions. With these moving hacks, you are ready for any difficulties and stress. Do not sweat it, you will rock it!

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