10 Minimalist Tattoos You Can Steal From Hollywood Celebs


Celebrities are a source of inspiration for many things, whether it be makeup, hairstyles, outfit ideas, and whatnot. While all these things are transitory, i.e., you can change them if it does not suit you, tattoos are a more permanent fixture. We agree it is generally not a good idea to blindly follow your fave celebs, but they can surely nudge in the right direction.

Tattoos are a perfect example of the adage that size does not matter; you could be tiny and still have a big impact. Minimalist tattoos are not just an ideal complement to your style; they also offer you the liberty of showing and explaining only as much as you want to. What’s more, they’re also great conversation starters.

So without further ado, let’s jump ahead and show you 10 minimalist tattoos you can totally steal from Hollywood celebs.

  • The Spiritual Symbol

The latest tattoo Selena Gomez got inked by celebrity tattoo artist Keith Scott in April 2021 is a teensy little cross symbol. 

While it was a cross for Selena, it could be an ‘Om’ symbol for you or any other minimalist symbol of your religion or spirituality. As we said earlier, first and foremost, it is about the right inspiration, a question of what touches you.

  • The Sibling Compass

There is absolutely no shame in admitting that we girls love our families, and when it comes to siblings, however much we might hate them, it is also difficult to live without them! Hence, another one of our top picks in small tattoos for girls is this compass tattoo of Miley Cyrus, which has the initials of her siblings instead of directions.

  • Some Self-love

The media well-documented Demi Lovato’s journey from darkness to sobriety, and even she herself has spoken about it. After losing almost all they hold, the self-love and appreciation you gain are unparalleled when you finally find yourself. 

Demi’s ‘me’ tattoo is an ode to self-love and also an excellent inking idea.

  • The Crumpled Flower

When you’re moving forward in the direction of self-love, owning your flaws and accepting yourself as you are is hugely significant, because hey, nobody is perfect, right? A beautiful reminder of that can be this semi-crumpled flower tattoo, sported by Dakota Johnson.

  • The Semi-colon

The semi-colon has its own fan base in the world of minimalist inking and has to be included in your tattoo list. 

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It is also well known widely as a sign of solidarity with the survivors or victims of suicide. 

In general, if you are starting a new chapter of your life after a pause or something, this ink sported by Selena Gomez can be an inspiration for you.

  • A Smiley on your pinky

Not all minimalist tattoos need to be ones with a deep, other-worldly meaning. They can also be just fun little pieces like this one of Demi Lovato’s, which is a reminder to not always take life so seriously. In her own words, “Cause life’s too short not to tattoo your pinky!”

  • Dates

Dates fit perfectly into the description of minimalist tattoo designs for girls. They’re meaningful yet mysterious and can easily be inked stylishly, commemorating the big days of your life. For example, do you know Game of Thrones co-stars and best friends Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner got matching tats in 2016 of the date they had found out they were cast in the epic show?

  • One-worded Mantras

Hailey Baldwin’s coordinated finger tattoos making up the word ‘Pray’ are indeed unique and worth taking inspiration from.

  • Musical Note tattoo

Musical note tattoos, as can be seen, flaunted by Lea Michele, look adorably cute and dainty.

  •  Sunshine to go

Our last suggestion to you would be this adorable, bright little piece of sunshine, as sported by Hillary Duff on her wrist next to her son’s name.

We hope you enjoyed going through our suggestions and would absolutely love it if any of these inspire you to get minimalist tats of your own!

Happy inking! 🙂


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