10 ideas to adorn your home with rattan and cane furniture

10 ideas to adorn your home with rattan and cane furniture

Wicker, rattan, and cane are traditional trends whose popularity can never fade. The look of the furniture that ratan creates gives a comfortable and summery feel in any space of a house. 

There are a lot of ways you can incorporate cane furniture with cushions in your style. Be it a bedroom or living room, and can be a perfect addition to any interior. The rattan and cane come with endless options from traditional to boho or coastal or retro. 

The guide gives you an idea of where you can include these super trendy pieces of furniture in your house. 

Some tips to decorate your interior with rattan and cane furniture

Rattan and cane furniture shall make your home décor admirable with its traditional touch. Here are a few tips for you that can help you to enhance the aesthetics of your home.   


In your bedroom, Rattan and cane shall create a subtle touch that would be synonymous with the resorts of Singapore. You can also pair a lightweight bedside table that shall transform a simple room into an inviting retreat. 


Wicker stools and cane rattan will also work effectively in your kitchen. They add natural softness and texture to the hard surface of the chairs in your kitchen. 

Dining room

The glamourous appearance of the cane furniture in your dining space proves that they are not meant only for boho and coastal homes. The black cane chairs combine with other black furniture at your home while adding a classy twist on a traditional rattan and can setting. 

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Rattan and cane light fittings look like a big pendant that makes a style statement. Heavy or lightweight, cane and wicker are ideal for oversized styles over the table or in the foyer. 

Statement Chair

If you want to experiment with woven furniture at your home without going extravagant is with a woven chair. If you want some softer texture on a chair, you can place a cushion on it. 


Indoor plants displayed in woven baskets and wicker plant stands shall give a retro boho vibe at your home. 


Wicker and cane furniture like hanging chairs shall give your backyard area a resort-style feeling perfect for a weekend. 

Living room

Rattan and cane furniture can adorn your living room with a variety of furniture and interior styles from traditional to coastal and it also gives retro-inspired rooms. The timeless aesthetics of can and wicker furniture makes it attractive.

Kids room

Cane and wicker furniture adds a relaxed and playful vibe to a kid’s bedroom or even in their nursery. There are numerous beautiful beds and bassinets available for every stage of life. 


With a comfort wick and cane daybed and a woven side table, your balcony can be an ideal spot to relax. Don’t forget to load your daybed with fluffy cushions.


Wicker and cane furniture shall never go out of the trend and they will add a new coastal look to your home décor.