1 Make Up

1 Make Up

First off, I don’t really know anything about make up or the makeup industry, however I do like make up, I wear it most days and I’m cheap. So those are my qualifications for writing this post.  Anyway, cheap make up, cheap make up, cheap make up, where was I, where was I? I’m all for great quality make up which will last but I usually get that for Christmas or birthday gifts, I rarely splash out on it myself. When it comes to things like lipsticks, eye shadow, mascaras,foundation,concealer etc. I like to try out the cheap-y end of the market. I usually buy from brands such as Rimmel, Boujois, Sleek, GOSH, Collection 2000, Barry M, Miss Sporty, 17 and maybe L’oreal, Revlon or No.7 at a push. That said, I’ve never before gone quite as cheap as this particular range before in my makeup vanity kit.

When my friend called to tell me she’d found some natural make up cosmetics for £1 and it was good quality I was a bit dubious. So I did a bit of research and it turns benefit out the beauty gurus of the blogging world and a few over on youtube like this brand too. Which brand which believe it is only available in I tracked down my nearest Superdrug for a play around. The range of products seems to be broken into two distinct categories or collections if you’re feeling posh
– no.1 all under £1
– no.2 ranging from around £1.50 – £4 if my memory serves me correctly.  For the purposes of seeing what £1 make up is really like I stuck with the £1 range. The range covers everything from lipsticks and nail varnishes through to pressed powder, mascara and eyeliners in box. And you know what? I was pretty impressed. I played around with a lot of the stuff and brought home four things in my case (I’ll be back for more.)

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MUA make up review 

A nail polish in a bright pink colour

The bottles of  are diddy (6.2ml) but I really like the colour, it only needed one layer and hasn’t chipped in over 48 hours.

 A red lipstick 

This is really creamy, it doesn’t dry my lips out at all and lasts well. I found it applies evenly both from the stick and a lip brushes and worked really well with both a Barry M and MAC lipliner. The formula really reminds me of Revlon and with MAC’s Cherry lip pencil it works as well as my classic red go-to shade Revlon Really Red.

 A browny-pinky lipstick

Not as creamy feeling as the red shade, however it lasted just as long and it didn’t require a lipliner. I also tried using this as a cream cheek highlighter and it was subtle enough to work without making me look pre-op and it lasted for about 6 hours.

Pressed powder 

In my opinion the best, the best, the best! I’ve been using either a L’oreal or Collection 2000 pressed powder for as long as I can remember, I’ve even re-purchased both as I liked them so much (it’s rare that I repurchase anything) but this may just push them both to the back of the drawer for a while. It set my make up all day long. Didn’t create annoying creases, didn’t fall into my wrinkles and didn’t make me looks like a crazy talc-faced grandma.

Other notes 

I like the packaging, it’s very sturdy. I thought it would be a lot more flimsy for £1 but I was wrong, so nur to me. The pressed powder in particular has lovely, clear thick plastic packaging. The lipsticks have a teeny little cap at the bottom which once you pop off has extra product in the bottom – this also makes storing them standing up a dream because you can see exactly which one you’re picking out.