Do You Think Your House Might Be Suffering From Water Leaks? Find Out Here!

Do You Think Your House Might Be Suffering From Water Leaks? Find Out Here!

Irrespective of whether you are residing in new construction or an old one, your home is susceptible to water leaks and might even be suffering from the same as we speak of it. The thing with water damage is that the longer you take to detect it, the higher the degree of damage you are going to face. 

There will always be specific indications that signal towards the presence of water leaks. All it takes is the eye for it and the awareness of the same to make the right decision. 

Do you have any doubts regarding an ongoing internal water leak in your property? Well, here are a few common signs which will confirm your suspicions. Read on!

  • Presence of dampness and mold

The first and most visible sign of a water leakage problem in your home is the presence of mold. Mold is a hazard to not only your property’s structural integrity but also the health of your family. 

If not mold, dampness is enough to signal that something fishy is going on with your property’s water system. Mold and moisture also lead to allergies, respiratory issues and a weird smell in the house, so all you have to do is connect the dots. 

  • Peeling paint

Another easily noticeable indicator of water leakage is peeling paint. Whether it’s the washroom or the bedroom, do you notice slabs of paint and plaster falling, leaving your room in poor shape? That’s called peeling paint. 

There could be signs of bubbling as well where the paint looks swelled as bubbles. If you are planning to sell off your property anytime soon, this would be the time to opt for a home inspection in Clermont FL.

  • Changes in the wooden flooring

Is your home decorated with wooden flooring? If yes, then any water leakage in the property will soon show itself in the form of degraded wooden flooring.

Bubbling, crowning, warping, cupping, and discoloration are some of the common issues that homeowners face due to internal water leakage. 

  • Water stains on walls

Do you notice a weird discoloration on the wall, especially on the ones closer to the washroom or the kitchen? That’s a water stain. Such a stain can soon lead to mold spores which can become an epidemic around the house before you even notice.

If the stain color is brownish or greenish, then you have bigger things to worry about now. 

  • Expensive water bills

It’s more than evident that a water leakage translates to enhanced and unexplained water bills. Since an internal leakage is continuing 24 hours a day, the consumption of water in your property is considerably high. 

Before any of the above signals appear, an expensive water bill is the first mark which is enough to alert you.  Hire specialists of home inspections in Clermont, FL, to save great bucks in your future deals.

  • Water pressure problems

Are you guilty of noticing reduced water pressure in the taps and just ignoring it thinking it to be a temporary problem? Well, guess what? It wasn’t so temporary after all as it is leading to permanent damage! Toilet flushes also help in bringing forward such an issue because of the reduced water pressure. 

Ignoring the signs of a water leak can cost you heavily in the future, both in terms of money and efforts. Waste no more time, heed the warning signs above and hire a specialist to look into the matter right away. 

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