Yellow Let Mellow Brown Flush

Yellow Let Mellow Brown Flush

Water meters are creeping into homes with a tidal like surge, we have one here at Thrifty Towers and apparently most houses will be fitted with one going forward. There are myriad ways one can save water at home and cut down on water bills but this particular way is seen as fairly extreme to some people. I’d love to know where you stand.

The tip – don’t flush the loo as much.

In practice – basically not flushing the loo when you’ve urinated but flushing it for everything else or to use a phrase I always laugh at, ’if it’s yellow let it mellow, if it’s brown flush it down.’
This is something we vaguely practice at Thrifty Towers. One or both of us work from home on a regular basis and we tend not to flush the loo if we’ve had a wee on those days. Anything else (and ahem, morning wee) is of course flushed immediately and I clean our loo on a daily basis so I don’t think hygiene becomes an issue. I know a great deal of you will heave at the thought of this practice.

Our current toilet is very old and highly inefficient when it comes to conserving water. As we are currently installing a new bathroom we have opted for a toilet which is more environmentally friendly in regards to the amount of water (I think around 50% less) it takes to flush. That said I am still not sure if we will let this practice lapse entirely because I can’t get past the idea of wasting such a precious resource multiple times a day. In reality our set up means are loo is flushes perhaps every second or third time it is used and we’re fortunate enough to have a second loo for guests to use downstairs. What do you think? Is this taking things too far? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this practice in the comments section below. for further information’s like tip’s and sign for yellow let mellow brown flush please visit our website.

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