Worst Household Chore?

Worst Household Chore?

What’s your worst household chore? We all have different chores and cleaning tasks that we hate.Mine is a toss up between taking out the food waste bin (bleugh) or ironing. One is just utterly disgusting and has actually been known to make me throw up, the other is so dull I’d happily listen to a football phone-in show whilst plucking my armpit hair rather than press metal to cloth.Alas these chores must be done to keep a home ticking over so I add small, pleasant or time-saving extras to make those arduous tasks just that little less grim.

I sprinkle bicarbonate of soda in the bottom of my food waste bins (we have an inside one and a communal one outside our flats) in a bid to deodorise the bin just a little. A few quarter slices of lemon or lime in the bins help with the pong too, which means you can indulge in a few G&Ts just so you can chuck those leftover citrusy slices in the bin.Take care of things so they don’t break. When something breaks there is a whole heap of fall out, you lose time, energy and sanity, not to mention money (ever tried to get a plumber out on a Sunday?) plus you have to clean up the mess. I clean my hob after every use and use various products like Washer Magic that Unifit sent me to look after my washing machine. I’ve had a washing machine decide to work incorrectly before now and my meltdown was not pretty.

When it comes to ironing I can only do it in small bursts or I’ll lose the will to live. I set up the ironing board in the corner, get all of my clothes ready then settle down with the TV shows I have recorded for the week. I iron one or two items in each break and then dash back to catch up on my brain rot television shows. TV breaks feature heavily in my cleaning rota. I’m an addict. Deal with stain causing spills as and when they happen. I know, I know easier said than done but they really will come our quick and easier if you deal with them straight away. I know the key to getting out most stains (so if you’re stuck drop me a line and I’ll try my best to help) or if I’m truly stuck and battling with a lemon just won’t do it I use Stain Slayer which the press office at Dr.Beckmann sent out for me to test. I was a bit sceptical about using such a product as I usually prefer to try old school cleaning methods but

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Mr Thrifty (the 28 year old) had dropped a chocolate ice lolly on his (cream) shorts and I tried to get it out with all of  my usual methods and a whole heap of elbow grease but nothing got it to budge, nothing, nothing, nothing – grrrrr, apart from the Stain Slayer. In my view it is far better to get out a stain than chuck out an item of clothing, so I was pretty pleased to get it shifted. It even got nail varnish out of our carpet, which anyone in a rented place will tell you could have set us back a long way when it comes to getting our deposit back.Apart from that obviously I do all of my household chores with a smile on my face and birds holding my pinny firmly in place. Ahem. Come on Hetty…Which household chore do you hate the most and how do you make it more pleasant or easier on yourself?